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Welcome to Eagle Class - Year 1 and 2


In Eagle class our teacher is Mrs Grainger. Mrs Sparey and Miss Wilson will also be supporting our learning in class.


Our PE lessons will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday, please ensure your child has their PE kit in school for these days.


Term 3 and 4 Topic Overview

Term 4 

Term 4 Home learning

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
To celebrate World Book Day 2018 we were invited to dress up as a character.
In Maths we have been finding half and quarter of objects and quantities. We have been using playdough to practically show fractions of a whole. We have also been working with a partner to find half of a number and record our findings as a picture. Year 2 have gone on to record there findings as written fractions. 

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

To start our learning about The Tiger Who Came to Tea we planned what food we would like at a tea party. We then followed a recipe using our learning about weight and scales to make cupcakes. After our cakes cooked and cooled we made our own icing to decorate them. 

Term 3

Term 3 Home learning

English - Lost and Found

English - Lost and Found 1
In English we have been learning to retell the story of Lost and Found. We have made our own story maps and have been learning actions for key words in the story. We have been finding out about the South Pole in Antarctica and we are now beginning to make up our own stories about a different Antarctic animal who is lost. 


We have been learning how to write code on the computer to make objects move. We have been moving objects forward, backward, up, down and start when clicked. 


In English we have been thinking of different words we could use instead of happy and sad in our writing. We learnt how to use a thesaurus to help us find more words we couldn't think of. 

Art - cool colour mixing

Art - cool colour mixing 1
In our Topic lesson we looked at Antarctica and noticed the different cool colours in the landscape. We explored colour mixing to make different shades of these colours to make our own landscape display. 

Term 1 and 2 Topic Overview

Term 2

Term 2 Home learning

Christmas celebrations 2017

We made crowns and wore our Christmas jumpers to eat a delicious Christmas lunch. After lunch Father Christmas came in to visit and he gave us each a gingerbread man biscuit.


We have also enjoyed a class party where we played party games including musical statues and pass the parcel before sitting down to share the food we had brought in. 

Rocket design

As part of our learning about the Moon landing we designed and labelled our own rockets to take to the Moon. After we finished and discussed our designs we made our rockets choosing what we would like to use; some of us chose to make junk model and Lego rockets.


We listened to Christmas music and thought about the different sounds we could hear. We then explored the instruments and choose some that we thought would go with the music and made us think of Christmas. We then had a go at playing our instruments to make sounds of Christmas with the music. 

Number bonds

Using bead strings we have been exploring the number bonds of 10. We then wrote the different bonds we found as addition number sentences.


We have been learning how to log on to a computer. We have enjoyed using the internet to explore a website and practiced clicking on Hector the dolphin who, we learnt in e-safety can help us if we are unsure online.

Science - seasons

In Science this term we have been learning about the seasons of the year and how things change over the seasons. We went on an Autumn walk around the playground to see what signs of Autumn we could find. Working in pairs we completed a checklist of what we spotted. 

Moon landing

To start our topic on the Moon landing we went into the hall and discovered some clues about what we would be learning about. After exploring and discussing what we found we thought there had been a space crash from the Moon.

Term 1

Year 2 boat building

Year 2 spent time looking at the SS Great Britain as part of their topic and in preparation for their trip. They designed boats, labelled the key features and wrote lists of the items they would need before making their own junk model boats. 

Run, run as fast as you can!

We made our own gingerbread biscuits by mixing the ingredients, rolling the dough and cutting out the shapes we needed. While we were trying our gingerbread biscuits we noticed the Gingerbread Man was missing! We thought we spotted him past the window so went outside to look for clues. 

Science - parts of the body

In Science we are learning the names of different parts of the body. We worked in teams to draw around and label a body. 

Welcome back Term 1 2017

Eagle Class enjoyed exploring their new classroom on their first day back. We had a go at different challenges and made bees to remind us of the 5 B's of our school.