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Welcome to Hawk Class.


We are all looking forward to working hard this year to show off our amazing skills in every lesson. We are very lucky to have Miss Porter as our class teacher and Miss Lang to support us in learning.

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PE will now be on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

Children should be coming into school dressed in their PE and will remain in their PE kit for the entire day.


Thank you for your support.

Miss Porter

Term 3 - “His eyes, like headlamps, glowed white, then red, then infra-red, searching the sea” How is this possible?

Term 3 - Enquiry Overview

This term's text - The Iron Man

This term's text - The Iron Man 1

Week One

WOW! What a busy first week back we have had. On Wednesday, we were introduced to our new class book during a WOW day. We came into school to find a pile of junk on the carpet. It turned out we would be spending the morning making our own robots! We all had such good fun and I’m sure Miss Porter reached a world record for the amount of times she had to find the end of the sellotape! Have a look at the pictures below to see our creations!

Not only did we get to spend the morning creating robots, we got to watch a film in the afternoon. The Iron Giant. It was a great film that we cannot wait to find it more about the story this term.

Term 2 – Would I be a Spartan or an Athenian?

This term's text: The Green Ship

This term's text: The Green Ship 1

Week 7

This week marks the end of Term 2 in Hawk Class, and what a busy term we have had.


This week, we finished reading our class book The Green Ship, and were upset to find out that the ship disappeared after years and years of neglect. We hope that Alice and Thomas will someday return to help reshape the bushes and make The Green Ship great again for other children to enjoy.


In maths, we have been working hard with counters and the grid method to help us better understand multiplication. We are really enjoying learning new techniques and can’t wait to continue this next term.


We ended the week with a great party, where we ate lots of yummy treats, played fun party games and even had a disco in the hall with the rest of the key stage. It was the perfect end to a busy term.


Miss Porter hopes that everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a lovely new year. She cannot wait to welcome everyone back in January, where our fabulous learning journey can continue. See you all in the new year!

Week 6

WOW! What a busy week we have had in Hawk Class.


On Thursday, we went to the church for an Advent Adventure. There were six different stations to go to, to learn all about the Christmas story. Our favourite was the game, where we had to race to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. We learnt all about the shepherds and the sheep, the gifts that were given to Mary and Joseph, the innkeepers and the angels.


On Friday, we were invited to Woodlands Primary School to play the game Jailbreak. We had two hours of fun playing different teams and learning new skills. There was a cricket jailbreak pitch, where you were given a point for hitting the other teams wicket. At one point, we were given a bat to protect our own wicket. The other pitch was a rugby jailbreak one. On this pitch, we had to try and capture all the rugby balls from the other team and have them all in our base. It was so much fun. Well done to Lacey, who won MVP! Keep an eye out for when the pictures arrive!!

Week 5

This week we have been working really hard to put all our knowledge to the test in some assessments. Miss Porter is really impressed with how respectful we were to others by keeping quiet when we were doing them.


In writing this week, we have been using expanded noun phrases to describe things. We’ve been thinking of different types of adjectives to make our work sound better.


We are preparing for our class debate for our enquiry’s Prove it question – Would I be a Spartan or an Athenian. We’ve been looking at the differences between both states and trying to make an informed decision as to which one we would be.


In PE, we have been practising and improving in our jailbreak skills ready for our competition next week! We are all so excited!!

Week 4

We have been busy writing a non-chronological report about the Ancient Greeks and their lives. It was interesting to find out that there was only one teacher in a school because only the boys went to school. There was only 10 or 20 boys in each school!


This week, it has been anti-bullying week here at Tyndale. Anti-bullying week is important because it helps us to understand what bullying is. We have been looking at ways to stand up to bullying and MAKE SOME NOISE. As well as this, we have been looking at how we can be kind to each other. Here in Hawk Class, we each sent someone a kind message and it really made us all feel better! On Thursday afternoon, we created our own anti-bullying superheroes. Some examples are: Supercheetah with a kindness wand, Freezing Finley with the ability to teleport and freeze bullies and Heart-girl who could turn bullies nice by throwing cupcakes at them.


On Friday, we all came to school dressed in our own clothes for mufti day. We all had to donate some chocolate for the chocolate tombola at next week’s Christmas Fayre. We made sure to give the chocolate to Miss Lang, so Miss Porter couldn’t eat any of it.

Week 3

This week we have been working really hard to understand subtraction. We have been using the bar model to help us figure out what the question is asking before using dienes to help us work out the answer. At the beginning of the week, we found it tricky to exchange the numbers, but we persevered and are really starting to understand how it works!


In order to complete the class debate at the end of our enquiry, we have started to do some research on Athenians and Spartans. By looking at facts about both, we have been trying to decide which one of these we would want to be. We need to continue to research further before we can make a good decision!

Week 2

On Monday, we came to school dressed as Ancient Greeks. This is because our new topic is all about Ancient Greece. We tried some of their food and most of it was very delicious. Although most of us tried them, the olives were disgusting! Mason thought they tasted lovely though.


In writing, we started to read our new book called ‘The Green Ship.’ We can’t wait to go on many adventures with Alice and Thomas. We will keep you updated on their adventures as we read the rest of the book.


We really enjoyed coming into school in our mufti clothes on Friday, so we could raise money for Children in Need.

Week 1

We are all very excited to be back in school and we are ready to continue with our learning.


This week, we have started to look at addition in maths, using the dienes to help us show our column additions. We have been working extremely hard to make sure we are presenting our maths work as best as we can!


In writing this week, we have been researching churches to write a non-chronological report about them. We have learned many new facts such as; the alter is where Christians eat the bread and drink the wine that represents Jesus’ blood and body.


In order to finish our enquiry on ‘Why does it snow?’, we looked at the water cycle this week. Not only did we learn the processes - we really struggled to pronounce precipitation – we also learnt a song about the water cycle! Using our knowledge, we drew our own water cycle AND created a comic strip of Drippy’s journey around the cycle. Look out for pictures of our work coming to the website soon!

Term 1 – Why does it snow?

This Term's text: The Ice Palace

This Term's text: The Ice Palace 1

Week 8

Wow! What a long term we have had. We have really enjoyed the start to Year 4 and the new, exciting challenges that we have.


This week, we have been looking further at states of matter. We focussed on the melting process this week. Miss Lang helped us to melt chocolate, wax and butter. We all thought the butter would be the fastest to melt but it wasn’t! Surprisingly, it was the chocolate.


We would also like to thank Sam and Lynn from Bristol Sport for all their help with our netball skills this term. We showed them all of our skills during a netball game in our last lesson.

Week 7

After creating clay poppies on Friday, we had the opportunity to paint these on Monday afternoon. It was really fun to get to use acrylic paint – even though we had to go very careful not to get it on ourselves. We had to take great care to make sure we painted the petals red and the middle black!


We have been revisiting our knowledge of Roman Numerals from year 3 this week in maths. We have looked at numbers up to 100 (C in Roman Numerals). Look out on our homework this week for some opportunities to show off our knowledge by adding and subtracting Roman Numerals.

Week 6

On Tuesdays, we are lucky enough to have the sports coaches helping us with our PE skills. This week, Mason took the opportunity to become the class photographer and took many pictures to show what we do in our PE lessons.


In science this week, we were investigating whether air has weight. We did this by blowing up a balloon and seeing if it weighed more than a balloon that wasn’t blown up. We also looked to see if water weighed more than air by filling another balloon with water!

We found out that air does have weight, but not as much as liquid! As well as this, we found out helium doesn’t weigh as much as air and therefore it floats. We are waiting to find out what will happen if we leave the balloons for a while!


We had a blast making clay poppies ready for Remembrance Day. We followed the instructions that Miss Kearn gave us and each made one! We cannot wait to paint these next week!

Week 5

What a busy week we have had in Hawk class this week. We have been using the computers to research how to survive in snowy conditions. We wanted to know what Ivan would need to make sure he could safely find his brother whilst searching through the frozen forest in the snow.


We have started to look at decimal numbers in maths, using counters to help us understand the difference in whole numbers and parts of a number. We have looked at tenths and hundredths.


In English, we looked at complex sentences and how they work. We noticed that the subordinating clause could go at the beginning or the end of the sentence, and it would still make sense!

Week 4


This week, we have been super busy learning all about rounding. Not only have we been rounding to 10, we have also been rounding to 100 AND 1000!! We have been trying it as well as applying it to use it and prove it questions.


We have been trying really hard in PE this week, with Lynn and Sam. They showed us a couple of new shooting games called poison and minions. We really enjoyed it, especially when we got to make our class mates our minions!!



In science this week, we looked at what the different states of matter are. We looked at the difference between solids, liquids and gases and even listed some of each. To ensure we understood to completely, we went outside and pretended we were the particles making up the matters. See us in action in the photos below! Ask us to tell you which ones we are, we will be able to help!

Week 3


This week, we had our WOW activity to introduce our new enquiry, ‘Why does it snow?’ We made fake snow and had a chance to play with it before making instructions to show what we did. We had a chance to show off our art skills as well when we looked at how to make snowflakes and gave them a go. It was really hard to follow the instructions from a video!!


On Wednesday, we had a special visitor come into school to teach us how to sing. He told us that we have to make our Tyndale Voice and we can’t wait to share it with the world. It was really fun and we got to sing new pop tunes instead of the old songs we used to sing!


Week 2

This week we have been continuing our work with the crayons! On Wednesday, we showed off our listening skills by working with our talk partners to give clear instructions. One of us had a picture and had to instruct our partners to draw a matching picture.

Week 1

This week, we have been looking at the book ‘The Day The Crayon’s Quit’. We enjoyed trying to guess why each colour decided to quit and thought it was hilarious that poor peach crayon was naked.

We worked together to create group crayon drawings. It was really hard because we were not allowed to share the colours and had to work as a team. We haven’t finished these yet, but we wanted to show you what they look like so far J.