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House Teams

All Tyndale children belong to a House.  We decided to name them after the Royal Residences in the UK - Balmoral, Buckingham, Sandringham and Windsor.  Siblings are in the same house team so families can support ALL their children at the same time.

Voting for a captain was carried out using democratic voting, where very clear criteria was decided upon including being a good role model to the other children as well as having qualities to lead. Children willing to stand gave speeches and each team voted in their choice of captain.



House Captains 2016-17

House Captains 2016-17 1 Celeste - Balmoral
House Captains 2016-17 2 Millie - Buckingham
House Captains 2016-17 3 Alexie- Sandringham
House Captains 2016-17 4 Harry - Windsor