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Welcome to Kite  Class.


A Big Hello to all the children and parents of Kite class! My name is Miss Bingham and I am delighted to say that I am now the class teacher in Kite class. It has been a very busy week what with learning names, parent’s faces and getting to grips with school life here at Tyndale, but the first week is done and the class is wonderful.

Thank you to all the children for welcoming me to their class, and I am sure we will have a lot of fun and learning in the next year.

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Term 2


This term in Kite Class, PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

Term 1 'How does an astronaut get to space?'

12th October

This week we have been really busy in all of our lessons. In maths we have been identifying place value, using deines to help us. In English we have been exploring our new text 'Man on the Moon.' We found some slime, rubbish and footprints in the classroom next door so we had to investigate to find the culprit. 

Elsie "I think it could be aliens or a alien dog."

In science we have been exploring materials and their properties, we found different materials around the classroom and described their features. We had another great gymnastic lesson this week, everyone worked really hard moving in different ways and balancing around equipment.  


5th October


We have had another busy week in Kite class. One of the highlights of this week has been using our art skills to design a planet for Beegu. In partners we discussed the key features of Beegu's planet and what we think his planet would look like. We then used pastels to design his very own planet. After we had the chance to present these wonderful pictures to the rest of the class. 


Evie: "I liked working with Alcino making Potato Planet. Our planet was special because Beegu loved it".


Logan: I liked making a planet for Beegu. It was called Beegu Planet, it had wiggly lines and straight lines. Me and Arianna made Beegu a spaceship to get to his new planet as well."


Jack: "My planet had lots of detail, it had Beegu, rockets and a space dog".



28th September

This week we have been really busy. We have had the pleasure of a special trip from the explorer dome team. We learnt a lot about space and the different star constellations. 


Arianna "I liked learning about planet Earth and learning about the water and that the green is the land."


Jack "I liked seeing Orion because he had three diamonds on his belt."


This week we have really enjoyed our gymnastic session. We all enjoyed moving in different ways and being superstars at balancing and working on our co-ordination.


Brooke "I really liked bunny hopping and sliding across the benches. I also liked when my friends helped me."


Cruz "I liked jumping off the red bench". 

21st September

This week we have been focusing on our new book Beegu. We have been doing some super learning and we have all really enjoyed the different challenges. This week we changed the story of Beegu using our very own characters.

"I really enjoyed swapping the characters in the stories from puppies to baby giraffes." Zach

"I liked doing all the actions with the story." Anaya



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