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Sun Safety

With the lovely sunny weather, the children are enjoying using the school grounds more for their learning.  We want the children to be able to enjoy the sunshine safely so ask that you send your child in wearing sunscreen, and with a named sun hat.  Water bottles are also a must to help avoid dehydration and children have access to fresh water to refill these throughout the day.


We do ask that you do not send suntan lotion in with your child.  We had an issue where one of the children, trying to be helpful, started putting their sun cream from home on their friends.  This is an issue as some of our children have skin allergies and we need to ensure they are not put at risk by having a sun cream applied in error which they are allergic to.  There are some sunscreens available on the market that last for 10 hours a day.  An example (although not an endorsement) is Reimann P20, which lasts for 10 hours and provides SPF 50.


It is available with many online retailers as well as in Superdrug .