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Yate shopping centre drawings

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STEM at Tyndale


Yesterday (Wednesday 15th March) we had our second visit from our STEM ambassadors - India, Lauren and Elliot. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Two weeks ago they told us about their jobs, and how the STEM subjects helped them achieve success in their career.  When they left, we had some work to do.  We had to think about our aspirations for the future, and the jobs we would like to have.  Then we had to think about how the STEM subjects could help us be successful. We were amazed at how many jobs used different aspects of STEM.  From  nurses, footballers, and YouTubers. 

This week we needed to write a set of instructions to guide our partner through the maze, avoiding the deadly obstacles and returning to the spaceship. This was very similar to when we used scratch on the computers at Brimsham Green and helped us consider the importance of giving clear and precise instructions to ensure our programme was successful.

The afternoon flew by, and we cannot wait to see what we do with the STEM ambassadors next week!

Visit from the STEM Ambassadors

Visit from the STEM Ambassadors 1
Visit from the STEM Ambassadors 2

Year 5 are learning about World War 2

In year we are learning about 'To infinitiy and beyond'