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Week 7


This week in phonics Owl Class have learnt four more new sounds - 'ck', 'e', 'u' and 'r'.

They have learnt that 'ck' is 2 letters together,  but they only make one sound - this is called a 'digraph'. The children  have also learnt that this sound is only seen/heard at the end of a word. 

They have also been learning the tricky word 'into'.


This week in Maths the children have been learning about 2D shapes - circle, square, triangle, rectangle and hexagon. They have been learning the mathematical language to describe the shapes - sides, corners/points and face. They have enjoyed describing shapes for each other and guessing what they are. The children also used shapes to make patterns.  


This week in English the children recalled their new story of Rosie's Walk and we used our class ideas to create a story map to help us retell the story. 


The children also learnt about what a sentence must have - capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces between the words and a full stop at the end.  The children had a go at writing their first sentences  eg. 'I am Toby. I am 5.' The children all tried very hard and were very pleased with their writing.


The children have been listening very carefully to their P.E. coaches on a Thursday afternoon. All the children have shown they can move across the apparatus safely, and have been trying very hand to land and stay on their feet when jumping. They have one more session with Sam and Lara before half-term. P.E. kits will be sent home on Thursday this week. 


Owl Class P.E. days will be changing after half term and you will be notified of our new days next week. It is helpful is your child could have their kit in school every day  in case there is a change to our scheduled session. 

Reading Books

The children are getting much better this week at remembering their book bags every day. They have also been placing their book bags into the correct box in the classroom. If your child doesn't have a book bag, please could you encourage them to take their book and reading record out of their back pack, and put it into the correct box. Thank you for your support. 

Week 6


This week in Owl Class the children have learnt four more sounds - 'g', 'o', 'c' and 'k'.  The children have been practising talking like robots, and have been segmenting and blending the sounds they can  hear and see in words. For example - 'g-o-t' - 'got', 't-o-p' - 'top'. The children have also been learning two more tricky words - 'no' and 'go'. 

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This week the children have been learning how to match numbers and quantities correctly. They have used bricks to build towers to match numbers, explored rolling dice and finding matching numicon pieces, and used number fans to choose a numeral and made a row of objects to match. 


This week the children have been changing the story of 'Rosie's Walk'.  We talked about where else Rosie the hen could go for a walk. The children suggested - the woods, the park, the beach, around a castle and Tyndale Primary School. We did a class vote to decide where Rosie is going  to go on her new walk  - the winner was 'Tyndale Primary School'.

To help us think of new places to include in our story we went for a walk around our school. The children saw the office, the library, the field, the hall, and the playgound. The children also thought about the positional language that could be used to describe Rosie's journey. For example - across the playground and around the field. 

Reading Books

We have been reading in school this week and lots of children have remembered their reading books everyday. The books that were in school on Friday were changed. If your child did not have their book bag in on Friday please being in on Monday to be changed.

Thank you.

Week 5


In phonics this week Owl Class have learnt 4 more sounds - 'i, n, m and d'.

They have been learning how to form the letters correctly and identifying this sound in words.

They have also learnt the tricky word 'I'. 

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In Maths this week Owl Class have been learning how to count a set of objects accurately. They have learnt that it helps them to line objects up before giving each object a number name. They have also been using magnetic numbers and some children have put the numbers up to 10 in order. 


In English this week the children in Owl Class have been learning how to draw their own story maps of Rosie's Walk. They have used these to record the main events in the story, and have retold the story independently. 

Picture 1
Outdoor learning
Owl Class attended their first whole school singing assembly.
Picture 1

Reading Books

All children in Owl Class have been issued with their first reading book this week.

Please could reading books be kept in book bags, and be brought to school everyday. 

Newsletter - Friday 28th September 2018

Week 4


This week in phonics the children have learnt the sounds of the letters s,a,t, and p.

They have been learning to recognise, say and write these letters in pre-cursive handwriting. 

Owl Class have also been learning to talk like robots - 's-a-t' makes 'sat'.




This week in Maths the children have learnt about numbers 1,2 and 3.

They have watched the 'Numberblocks' to help them learn about the numbers, and have been exploring Numicon on the tables to develop their counting skills.


In English this week the children have been introduced to the text 'Rosie's Walk', by Pat Hutchins.

The children have listened carefully to the story, and have been learning story telling actions. They can now retell the story themselves. 

Week 3

This week the children in Owl Class have been learning how to use whiteboards and pens. They have enjoyed exploring name writing and mark making.

Picture 1
The children learnt how to move like gymnasts with our PE coaches.

Newsletter - Friday 11th September 2018

Week 2

This week the children have stayed for their lunch at school.

Owl Class have been showing independence at snack time!

Week 1

Welcome to all our new children in Owl Class.

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Information for Parents/Carers:

  • On Monday's Owl Class will be taught by Mrs Pembury and Mrs Ball. The rest of the week the children will be working with Mrs Milverton and Mrs Beazer.
  • PE - will be on Mondays and Thursdays this term.
  • You could help us by ensuring your child has their PE kit in school, and naming every item of clothing.
  • All children require a named water bottle so they can access a drink of water when they are thirsty. 
  • Please encourage your child to put their book bag into the correct box in the classroom.



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