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Shining Stars Assembly. It was great to celebrate those children that always follow the school rules and are wonderful role models to the rest of the children at Tyndale. Lunch and a special cake with Mrs Harris, but no trip to The Meadows as we had our Tyndale Carnival this afternoon.

Celebration Assembly Friday 28th June - Well done to our Mighty Mathematicians and Headteacher award winners this week - some great work going on in classes, we are very proud of our learners! We also got to celebrate some successes outside of school. We do love to hear about children's achievements in and out of school, so please do bring in cups, medals and certificates to share.

Celebration Assembly Friday 21st June - well done to our Headteacher Award winners this week and those who received a certificate for their wonderful writing. I really do enjoy these assemblies so much. It is a lovely chance to celebrate all the children's efforts across the week.

Friday 24th May: The end of half term can only mean one thing - celebrating our shining stars! A huge thank you to those children selected this term for going above and beyond in all they do. These children are fabulous ambassadors for our school and such great role models. Well done to this term's shining stars! Congratulations to all the members of Windsor who have worked hard this term and helped their team top the house point leader board. What a fabulous way to end term.

Celebration Assembly May 17th 2019: We celebrated some fabulous achievements this week, including one of our Year 3 children joining the 70 club, some mighty mathematicians and, of course, our Headteacher award winners.

Celebration Assembly 10th May - This week we celebrated our wonderful writers and Headteacher award winners. Well done to these pupils for their excellent efforts this week.

Celebration Assembly 3rd May - Well done to our Mighty Mathematicians and Headteacher Award winners this week. Our HT award winners enjoyed spending time with the residents of The Meadows during the afternoon as part of their reward.

Celebration Assembly 26th April - Well done to our Headteacher Award winners and Wonderful Writers this week! Year 3 also had some children who took part in scooter training and earned a certificate after a morning learning how to keep them selves safe whilst scooting.

Shining Stars Assembly - 5th April 2019. This week we had a very busy assembly celebrating pupils who have gone over and above in all they do. We also found out who had won the Easter Egg Design competition. Well done to our winners and thank you to all of you that entered.

Well done to our certificate winners this week - 29th March 2019. The Headteacher Award winners enjoyed doing some craft at The Meadows with the residents.

Celebration Assembly 15th March 2019 - Well done to all our certificate winners. The Headteacher Award winners enjoyed playing board games with the residents at The Meadows.

Celebration Assembly 7th March - our Headteacher Award winners visited The Meadows during the afternoon of World Book Day and shared some of their favourite stories with the residents.

The Great Tyndale Pancake Race. Ready for Shrove Tuesday, our assembly on Monday helped us understand about the period before Easter known as Lent and why it is an important time for Christians. Mrs Harris tried to make some pancakes - where traditionally food was used up to allow for the period of fasting before the celebrations of Easter Sunday. Afterwards, we went outside and had the Great Tyndale Pancake Race on the KS1 playground. The whole school gathered to cheer on their house representatives. The winning house was awarded 100 bonus house points, so can you can imagine competition was fierce. Huge congratulations to Windsor, who won the final this year.

Purple Learning Launch Assembly - 1st March 2019. We did not have celebration assembly this week. Instead we launched our 'Purple Learning' journey. All of the children will strive to show the different elements involved in being a successful learner. The concept is has come out of research around how children learn and works on the growth mindset idea...the power of 'yet!' In the blue 'calm' zone, learning may be too easy, in the red 'danger' zone, it may bee too hard. Red and blue mixed together make purple - giving us our purple learning zone...not too easy, not too hard but just right! Ask your child about being a purple learner and what they have to do to wear the purple learner champion medals. If your child is a purple learner, they may bring home a certificate celebrating their achievements. These are awarded daily.

Our Purple Learning Assembly PowerPoint - what can your children tell you about Purple Learning and being a Purple Learner?

Tyndale's Shining Stars! This week was our end of term celebration where we recognised those children that go above and beyond in all they do. It is always a tough choice for the teachers, so we are incredibly proud of those children who were selected to be our Term 3 Shining Stars. I am sure they will wear their golden badges with pride.

A snippet from our Singing Assembly with Nigel 13th February 2019

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We have been practising A Million Dreams in assembly - here is a little snippet of this week's rendition.

Celebration Assembly 8th February. This week was a bumper celebration as we were celebrating the children who missed out last week because of the snow as well as celebrating our fantastic learners this week. Headteacher's lunch was cosy with 12 children joining me for lunch, and the Meadows felt very special with so many visitors!

Celebration Assembly 25th January 2019. This week we celebrated our Wonderful Writers and our Headteacher Award winners - who did some arts and crafts with residents of The Meadows this week.

Celebration Assembly January 18th 2019 - some marvellous mathematicians were celbrated this week along with our children who earned a Headteachers award this week. They visited the residents at The Meadows and enjoyed decorating biscuits together.

Celebration Assembly January 11th 2019. A wonderful way to celebrate the new term with some wonderful writers and Headteacher Award winners. Our Headteacher Award winners were also the first to represent the school at The Meadows. They enjoyed playing board games with a few of the residents. A fabulous end to the week.

Shining Stars Assembly 20th December. Celebrating those children who always follow the school rules, try their best in all their learning and go above and beyond to make Tyndale a happy school. Well done all!

Celebration Assembly 14th December 2018

Celebration Assembly 14th December 2018 1
Celebration Assembly 14th December 2018 2
Celebration Assembly 14th December 2018 3

Celebration Assembly Friday 7th December 2018

Celebration Assembly Friday 30th November

Celebration Assembly 23rd November 2018

Celebration Assembly 16th November 2018

Celebration Assembly 9th November

Celebration Assembly 26th October 2018. It was wonderful to share the successes of our Marvelous Mathematicians and Year 5 cyclists in assembly and also to celebrate our very first Tyndale Shining Stars. The pupils selected have consistently strived for the best in all they do, whether learning a new skill, problem solving, being an active member of the Tyndale family and caring for those around them. They really are a credit to their families inside and outside of school. Congratulations to the team members of Balmoral and Windsor, who drew in this terms house competition. I am sure Buckingham and Sandringham will give them a run for their money in Term 2!

Celebration Assembly 12th October - this week we celebrated some mighty mathematicians, children who earned the right to join Mrs Harris for lunch at the Headteachers table and congratulated Balmoral for earning the most house points this week.

Celebration Assembly 5th October 2018 - Well done to this week's winners. We celebrated some wonderful writers and children who have worked hard to follow all our school rules and values in all they do in school.

Celebration Assembly 28th September 2018 - Well done to this week's certificate winners.

Singing Assembly with Nigel 26th September 2018

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Maria was incredibly brave and wowed us all with her solo performance of Budapest.

Whole School Singing - We love Wednesdays!

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Celebration Assembly Friday 21st September - congratulations to all who earned a certificate this week!

Singing Assembly with Nigel Ipinson - Fleming

We are very fortunate to have Nigel Ipinson working with us this year to develop our singing at Tyndale.  Today was our first meeting with Nigel, He helped us warm our bodies up to sing, and supported the children in developing and then showcasing the 'Tyndale Sound'.  The children sounded amazing as they sang Budapest by George Ezra, a bit if hard work in a short space of time really did have phenomenal results.  Three of the children also performed a solo with Nigel.  Unfortunately, Mrs Harris was rather let down by either the video equipment, or her skills (she is blaming the equipment!) but we hope to share some videos of the awesome 'Tyndale Sound' next week.

Celebration Assembly 14th September 2018