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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Term 6

Our Enquiry this term Incredible journeys’


In Term 6 PE will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Week 7

Term 6 week 7, and all I can say is that I am extremely proud of all of your children and how far they have progressed in Year 2. It only seems like yesterday that they started.

It has been such a pleasure to work with such delightful children, and we have truly celebrated this week with our carnival.


The children enjoyed (as did I) learning the dances, especially when they could stick their tongue out and pull fierce faces at me during the Haka!

They learnt many facts about New Zealand and consolidated this in their non-chronological report writing.

And the finale went off with a bang in KS2. Although they were hot and tired, my little Falcons all persevered dancing to all of their audiences.

What a brilliant way to end the term and finish a brilliant year.


It has been a pleasure teaching these smiley children for a second time. I hope you all have a wonderful family summer and stay safe.

See you all next year.

Miss Bisset

Week 6

This week we continued learning about measurement, using it to solve word problems involving the 4 calculations.

In our enquiry session we planned an investigation. We wrote our aim, prediction and equipment used to plan an investigation to see if seeds need sunlight to grow. The children knew that they only needed to change one variable and they had to keep everything else the same to make it a fair test. They decided to put one pot of seeds outside and the other in my cupboard.

We then gave each pot water and checked on them each day. We found that the cress grew very quickly. It even grew when it had no light! Although, this cress was an unhealthy yellow colour!


Week 5

What a hot week!

This week we have spent a lot of time practising for our Sports Day. The children told me that they enjoyed seeing all of the friendly faces cheering them on. They even thanked Mrs Crossfield because they liked the way sports day was done with different activities for everyone to take part in.

In maths we have been learning about position and direction including quarter and half turns. The children enjoyed giving directions outside using the empty 100 square as a grid.

In Science we went on a flower and plant hunt. We were looking at the different types of plant in our school grounds, and how they dispersed their seeds. The children then wrote a recount of this afternoon using adverbs of time.



Week 4

This was the week we had all been waiting for. Our School Trip!


Before Thursday came, we continued to write our story of ‘The Vikings Next Door’. After we had finished, we had to edit our work using a purple polishing pen, checking for capital letters, full stops, synonyms and our targets.



“On the school trip we first went to the room to eat our front. Then we went to see the boat and we looked around it. We saw creepy dolls and when we came back out of the boat we came out and ate our lunch”.


After lunch we washed our hands and we tried on old clothes and used Victorian pens”.

I was very sad to be ill and miss it.


After our trip we wrote a recount using adverbs of manner and time. We made sure we included our feelings. I was really pleased when I saw lots of children writing “It was the best day ever!


During all the excitement this week we were still able to learn about, mass, capacity and temperature. We read different scales and even estimated when no scale was given,


Week 3

During this week in English we have been writing the story of ‘The Pirates Next Door’. We made up our own characters, setting and changed the pirates to Vikings! We had to research Vikings in order to be able to tell our story. Vikings don’t have pirate ships, they have long ships.


In Enquiry we learnt symbols to find out what things mean on a map. We used Google Maps to zoom in on our school. We could see the playground and St Mary’s Church. We then made our own maps of the local area and we made our own symbols.

In maths we used the four operations to solve problems involving length and height.


Week 2

This week has been another busy week in Falcon Class. We have been busy learning to use prepositional phrases in setting and character descriptions.


“In Maths we learnt about 2D shapes and we found out that 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are not flat. We had riddles that said I am a 2D shape and I have 3 edges. What am I?”


In our enquiry, we were learning to give directions using north, south, east and west from a compass. We said ‘Never, Eat, Shredded Wheat, and Naughty, Elephants squirt water to help us remember.


Week 1


I can’t believe we have already completed our first week back of Term 6. It has been an incredibly busy week for the children and they have coped extremely well when I have not been in class.


The children impressed our visitors with their knowledge of 3D shapes, and their pirate writing. They particularly enjoyed using suffixes in their recipes.

This term we are lucky enough to have Sam the sports coach to teach us how to play dodgeball. The children were very excited to tell me about their lesson and the rules to play the game.

Term 5


Please note that this term Falcon Class will be having PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday.


Our Enquiry this term is ‘How do you find treasure?’

Week 5


I can’t believe that we have only got one term left in Year 2. The children have had a fantastic year so far and this term in particular I could not be prouder of their learning behaviours and attitude in school. It has been a very busy term with Secret Agent Training and starting our new enquiry ‘Incredible journeys’, and this continued this week with our learning about pirates.

The children have been really engaged with this topic so far and have enjoyed learning about the famous pirate Captain Blackbeard.

They have written diary entries and letters taking on the role of a pirate using their new targets. Be sure to ask them about their targets so that they can astound you with what they have learnt so far.

In maths we have started looking at 2D and 3D shapes, learning to count vertices, sides and even make patterns with them.

Even though they have completed lots of different amazing learning this week the highlight for me was their class assembly. To stand up in front of a large audience is daunting for anyone, however they took it in their stride.

Enjoy the holidays, and I look forward to seeing you in Term 6.


Miss Bisset & Mrs Lacey


Week 4


This week Falcon Class have been completing their learning about time. They have been beginning to tell the time in intervals of 5 which has helped us with our 5 X table.

In English the children wrote instructions for saving Worry Monster in case it happens again. Although hopefully it won’t! They have been great at giving commands and using imperative verbs (bossy verbs) when both writing instructions and when giving their friends instructions.

On Thursday a friend of Phoenix Flash Lightning, our secret agent, came to give us more challenges. Pirate Pete thought we had done such a good job a being secret agents, that we should also train to be pirates!

To be a pirate, the children had to learn about a famous Pirate. They chose Captain Blackbeard because ‘he looked funny’. They soon took a dislike to him after they learnt that he wasn’t a very good friend after leaving his crew marooned on a desert island! Children have also designed their own version of the Jolly Roger as well as finding and plotting treasure on a map using coordinates.


Next week promises to be as much fun in our quest to become pirates, so make sure you come back to find out what we have been doing.

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Week 3


What an amazing end to our Secret Agent Training we have had in Falcon Class.

This week the children had to take part in many more secret missions, including answering reading questions, telling the time (quarter to and quarter past), as well as designing their own secret agent obstacle course and writing their own instructions to show how to complete it.

It has been a very busy week!

The children collected all the codes from each mission and used them to open the ‘Silver Box’. Inside was our class worry monster who had been stolen by the wicked Miss Kearn. Along with worry monster, the children also received a certificate from the Secret Agent Training Services to say that they had been successful in becoming Secret Agents. As their teacher, I could not be prouder of their achievements and learning attitudes towards their missions. We even celebrated with a spy party on Friday.

Keep your eye out for Falcon Class secret agents as they have their invisible ink pens to continue to solve any mysteries that may come about.

Over and out until next week.

Week 2


Incredible! Year 2 were asked to take part in a variety of different missions as part of training for the Secret Agent Training Services.

They have approached these missions with resilience, positive attitudes and enthusiasm, and I couldn’t be prouder. They have been tasked with collected codes after each mission, and the total of all of the codes will unlock the padlock on the silver box.

Missions so far:

  • Creating a secret agent name for their ID badge
  • Dressing in disguise so that no one will recognise them
  • Create and complete a spy obstacle course
  • Crack the number code
  • Write a spy story


Look at our children in disguise. Do you recognise them?


Week 1

Welcome back! I can’t believe that it is the summer term already! We have had a busy week in the four days that we have been back. The children became detectives after receiving an email from a secret agent. Using specialist equipment, the children followed clues around the school, even finding a hidden code with a special torch! The children have since learnt that the ‘Evil Miss Kearn’ has stolen our worry monster and secret agent Phoenix Flash Lightning has came to save the day.

Visit our page again to see updates on our secret agent rescue mission.



Term 4


We are continuing ouenquiry into ‘Where do animals live?’


Our first narrative is around the animation ‘Something Fishy’.



This term in Falcon Class, PE will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday.


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Week 6


What an end to Term 4. This week the children have been enjoying the arts and their natural creative flare. In PE with Sam and Lyn we all enjoyed international dancing, learning steps from dances from around the world.

We also finished our enquiry about where animals live, by making our own bug hotels, to protect the insects in our school environment. Falcon Class want to say a big thank you to our parent governor Mrs Hatwood, who very kindly gave us all the resources to make this happen. Look at the fabulous photos of the children hard at work with the hammer and glue!

Money has been the topic of the week in maths. The children don’t know why yet, but this will come in very handy in their learning after half term!


I hope you all have a fun filled Easter, and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 5.


Miss Bisset & Mrs Lacey

Week 5


The children enjoyed another fantastic dance lesson this week with Sam and Lyn. They introduced props into their dance routines and had fun using pom poms in different ways. This week the children joined groups with another group for their routine. This involved children taking it in turns to listen to each other’s ideas and negotiating dance moves. The children did this really well.


In maths this week, we have been finding three quarters of an amount and counting in fractions. The children have been applying previously learnt skills to finding fractions of an amount and using mathematical language to prove their answers to questions.


We have been practising writing in the progressive past and present tense in English. We are going to be applying the present tense to our non-chronological report on hammerhead sharks next week.

Week 4


This week in Year 2 we have focused on finishing writing our story ‘Something Fishy’. Each child has used their boxing up story map to know what they are writing next. The children have been learning to draft their sentences on whiteboards before writing them in their books to make ensure they have remembered key punctuation features and targets. This has meant it has taken a little longer to complete each part of their story however, the results are amazing and they should be very proud of themselves.

We are still looking at fractions and have been looking at unit fractions this week. Each and every child has demonstrated their ability to be a ‘Purple Learner this week when they have found this tricky. They continued to try and try again until they succeeded. I think you will agree that this is a great learning attitude to have.


The children enjoyed their dance lesson with Lyn and Sam again this week. They were learning about moving at different levels. They played their favourite game, ‘Dance Detective’. One person decides on the dance moves, this week at different levels, and the detective has to find who is changing the dance moves.

Children used their experience of dancing at different levels to incorporate it into their dance routines.



Next week I will not be in class on Thursday. I will notify the children of who the cover teacher will be.

Week 3


This week in Year 2 it has been very busy. In maths we have been recognising and finding thirds of amounts and lengths, solving problems and using our mathematical language to reason.

In English the children have been boxing up their story of ‘Something Fishy’ and have been using this to start writing their own narrative.

The children’s highlight of the week has been our dance lesson with Sam and Lyn. The children look forward to learning new moves and putting together their own routines. They have been balancing using a different number of body parts, copying, mirroring and using their body to make shapes.


I am lucky enough to be taking part in maths training. This means that I won’t be in class in the afternoons on the following dates:


Monday 18th March

Monday 1st April

Monday 29th April


I will be covered by Mrs Portergill and Miss Chung who are familiar adults to the children.

Term 4

Week 2


We have had another busy week in Year 2 this week. We have had purple learners showing their resilience and positive attitudes to learning, as well as all children striving to be purple learners.

In Maths we have continued learning about fractions, recognising and finding halves and quarters of amounts.

In English we have been using apostrophes for possession and the progressive past tense in writing about our animation ‘Something Fishy’.

The children innovated the characters in the story and had fun making jellyfish out of paper plates.

Friday was our busiest day of all. I had a class of animals who were all excited about World Book Day. We practised and performed part of the story ‘Open Very Carefully’ to the whole school. The children were learning to use their voice in different ways to show expression, and entice their audience to want to hear more.

During golden time on Friday, some of the children took the instructions they had written on how to make moving fish to Owl Class. They taught the reception children how to follow instructions and make their own fish.

To finish the week the children had great fun sharing books with their parents. It was lovely to see so many of you join us.

Falcon Class cover

I will be out of class on 11.3.19. Mrs Portergill will be in Falcon Class to ensure the children have consistency.


I will also be out of class for the afternoons on 18.3.19, 1.4.19, 29.4.19. Cover for these dates has not been arranged yet. As soon as it is, I will update the website.

Term 4

Week 1


What a fantastic start to Term 4 we have had. Miss Bisset gave us a clue about our new learning, and we were excited to make ‘moving fish’. The clue linked to the animation ‘Something Fishy’, and we have been learning to retell the oral story.

In Guided Reading, we have been reading frosty stories about myths from the past. We learnt that the largest snowflake was 30cm long. Jenny measured her face and was shocked to find out the largest snowflake was bigger than her head.

We started a new dance programme with Bristol Sports this week. We enjoyed our warm up to ‘Superman’, and Miss Bisset told us that she used to dance to it when she was our age, a long time ago!!!! We had to make up a dance routine using 5 dance moves, and one had to be a shape. Can you see the shapes we made?

Everyone loves fish finger Friday, and we had a fantastic ‘try it’ taster day today. It was good to see children who normally have pack lunch trying new food.

Today we finished our week with ‘Purple Learning’. We made a purple learning bus with Year 1. We have been learning about ‘movers’ and blockers’, and how to stay in the challenge zone with our learning. Ask me all about purple learning, and the medal we may get to wear in class.

Week 6


I can’t believe we have finished another term in Year 2, and what a fantastic term it has been!

The children have shown their resilience and motivation when learning new things, and I can see how they are applying their newly acquired skills in their learning.

In English the children are demonstrating their knowledge of the different targets they have been learning, not only in this term, but in previous terms.

In Maths we have finished our learning of division and it is great to see children making links between division and multiplication and the fact families.

To end the week Year 2’s have been making up their own poems about a dinosaur in our class. They have continued to use a thesaurus to find interesting vocabulary, although with some of the noun phrases to describe the dinosaur, I am glad that we don’t actually have one in our class!

I hope you all have a fabulous and relaxing half term, ready to use those ‘prove it brains’ when we come back for Term 4.

Week 5


Another exciting week in Year 2. After the excitement of last weeks’ snow day the children were eager to continue where they had left off with their bug traps. They counted the amounts of different bugs they had collected and recorded this is a tally chart.

In Maths, we have continued with division. This is tricky and the children are persevering and building their resilience. We will be continuing this next week. I have told the children that knowing their 2X, 5X and 10X table will help them so I have set them the challenge of practising these over the weekend!

On Tuesday, we had Safer Internet Day. The children enjoyed learning about asking for permission and what information they can and cannot share on the internet. They really impressed me with how much they could tell me about the World Wide Web.

We were also lucky enough to have Diane and Ceri from Bristol Zoo bring in some animals to start our enquiry of ‘Where do animals live?’ The children listened really well and were a credit to Tyndale.

Week 4


This week the children in Year 2 children have continued with their learning of multiplication. They have continued to use the STEM sentence to help them answer questions. This week they recapped using arrays. The children were able to solve word problems using these and it proved to be a very successful week.

In writing the children began to write their own version of Little Red. We have some wonderful stories about Little Pink, Little Green and Little Orange. They have applied their knowledge of noun phrases to write descriptions of their new characters. We even had a hideous, sneaky, grizzly bear!

Week 3


This week the children in Year 2 children have continued with their learning of multiplication. They have continued to use the STEM sentence to help them answer questions. This week they recapped using arrays. The children were able to solve word problems using these and it proved to be a very successful week.

In writing the children began to write their own version of Little Red. We have some wonderful stories about Little Pink, Little Green and Little Orange. They have applied their knowledge of noun phrases to write descriptions of their new characters. We even had a hideous, sneaky, grizzly bear!

Week 2


Another busy week in Year 2. We have been writing missing posters, where the children have been describing the wolf character from our story. They used beautiful noun phrases and commas to list.

I am so proud of how the children are challenging themselves to use their targets in their writing. They are always enthusiastic about what they are going to learn next and this shows what a great attitude they have towards their learning.


In maths, we have continued to learn about multiplication and have been using the X symbol.

This is our STEM sentence to support our learning this week:

There are ____ equal groups with ____ on each group.

This sentence has helped us when writing repeated addition number sentences as well as multiplication number sentences.


We enjoyed learning new skills in badminton and have used the badminton shuttles and pom poms to balance. We worked in teams to catch the pom poms, practising our hand eye coordination.


To finish the week, The Year 2 children wrote their own stories about a key. We didn’t know what the key would open, or where it had come from. I cannot wait to finish reading them all this weekend!

Week 1

We have had a great start to Term 3 in Falcon Class. The week started with some problem solving, where the children had to solve anagrams. These anagrams spelt out words of different places around the school. When the children went to these places, they found a red blanket, a basket and a juicy red apple. The children thought they belonged to Little Red Riding Hood, but they actually belonged to Little Red, the main character in our new class text. We read the story and the children wrote to Mrs Harris and told her about what they had found, and warned her that they thought a wolf might also be nearby!

In maths, we started our multiplication and division unit. The children used cubes and counters to make equal groups. As the children continued throughout the week, they became more confident in their ability to recognise, make and reason how they knew their groups were equal.

In Science, we started our new topic Living things and their habitats. We have learnt the mnemonic Mrs Gren to help us remember the characteristics of living things. The children have also made actions to go with each feature, including doing the ‘floss dance’ to represent moving. They always remember this feature first!

Falcon class are lucky to be having the sports coaches on Thursday again this term. We are now learning badminton, and the coaches were very impressed at the level of skill the children demonstrated in balancing and bouncing the badminton shuttle.

Mrs Portergill told me of the fantastic couple of days she had in our class this week. When she was in class this week, she taught the children to programme the pro-bots. Using this skill enabled the children to challenge themselves to create a programme where the pro-bot was able to draw a square.

I think you will agree when I say that we have certainly hit the ground running this week!

Term 2


How does an astronaut get to space?


This term in Falcon Class, PE will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday.


Class Teacher cover

Each week I will be out of class on a Tuesday to support Maths across the school. Every other week, I will also be out on a Wednesday for planning and preparation time. Falcon class are lucky to have Mrs Portergill each time I am not in. This allows relationships to be built and consistency in the delivery of the curriculum.


Week 7

Another term in Year 2 complete, and what a fantastic term it has been! I am very proud of all the children in their attitude and approach to learning. They are becoming resilient learners who are not afraid to make mistakes, and use any mistakes as an opportunity to demonstrate perseverance and a stepping stone in their learning journey.


During the final week of term 2, the children have completed their learning in addition and subtraction by adding three 1-digit numbers together. They used their knowledge of number bonds to find the most efficient way to find the answers.


In English, the children have been writing their own acrostic Christmas poems. They have used commas to list adjectives in their descriptions of Christmas pictures, and applied this to their poems.


We had our final football skills session with Sam our sports coach. Take a look at our photos to see our team photo! We are lucky enough to have Sam again after Christmas, where we will be learning new skills.


On the subject of PE, our PE days will stay the same for term 3, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please make sure children come to school appropriately dressed for PE in all weathers.


Thank you to all of those who could make our drop in session on Thursday. The children were very excited to share a snippet of their learning over the past term.


Finally, I would like to wish all of our Falcon families a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. See you in 2019!


Week 6


What a fantastic week! I am incredibly proud of Key Stage 1, and in particular the Year 2 children for their outstanding acting, singing and dancing skills during their nativity performance. They all worked incredibly hard and were not fazed by the large amount of parents who came to see. I have been told by numerous parents and grandparents, that they thought the children had done a great job, and I could not agree more. All of these messages have been passed on to the children.


Not only did they have the nativity to concentrate on, the children were also learning new skills in maths. They were solving word problems involving addition and subtraction with two 2-digit numbers. They have continued to apply their knowledge of exchanging, and used concrete apparatus to support them.


In writing children have been unpicking what makes a good set of instructions. They have been using this to help them plan their own set of instructions on how to make a sandwich. Using their new target of adverbs for time, the children used them in their instructions to demonstrate sequence.


Another successful week year 2! Well done.

Week 5


Week 5 began with the completion of our story writing. The children have taken pride in their writing, and remembering to use their targets. It is clear to see the progress they are making as they learn new skills, and Mrs Harris was impressed when she visited the classroom, and saw children using noun phrases, compound sentences and subordinating conjunctions in their work. On Thursday, we had a WOW day. The children walked around the school and found stars with imperative verbs on them. They then returned to the classroom to find a letter from The Boy, who had run out of sandwiches whilst he was waiting to catch a star. He asked the children to make him some jam sandwiches. These were all clues about the next genre of writing we are doing in Flacon Class.


In maths, we have continued with addition and subtraction. This week the children have been chanting, “Ten ones is the same as one ten, and one ten is the same as ten ones”. This has been helping them when they have been completing subtraction word problems that involve exchanging.


In PE the children played their first football match with Sam and Chad. Take a look at our team photograph!


It has been such a busy week that we have not had much time to rehearse for our nativity. However, I do not need to worry, the children are fab and you are all in for a treat! I will let you in to a little secret, the children have choreographed the dances themselves.

Week 4

Falcon Class have had another busy week this week. They continued learning new football skills with Sam and Chad, as well as doing mirror images with Mrs Portergill.


In Maths, we have been continuing with our theme of addition and subtraction. The children used dienes this week to add a 2-digit number and a 1-digit number together. They were learning to exchange 10 ones for one ten when crossing 10.


In English, the children have been publishing their innovated stories of How to Catch a Star, although in some cases, the children wanted to catch the moon. The children are working hard to use their targets in their writing. Please ask your children about all the targets we have been learning to use this year. Parents, I will help you out; ask your child what T2 means. You can see them learning their target 5, using commas to list.


To support our enquiry ‘How does an astronaut get to Space’, we have designed our own moon buggies. Look on the website over the next few weeks to see how we make them.


We have all learnt a very important message this week. Stop and think: words can hurt. That is the key phrase we have been focusing on in Falcon Class this week as part of our anti-bullying week. The children have completed many activities linked to anti-bullying, including writing a message to a secret friend, saying something nice about them. This made all the children feel very special, and cheery.

Week 3

This week in Falcon Class, the children have enjoyed innovating their stories of How to Catch a Star. Some children decided that they wanted to catch the moon instead, and some even wanted to catch a unicorn!

They have begun to make their own story maps to help them retell their story when it comes to writing their narrative. Some of the stories really show the children’s natural flare for creativity!


In Maths, we have been finding 10 more and 10 less of a 2-digit number. This led into adding and subtracting 10’s. At first, we did this practically using concrete resources. After, the children confidently began to use place value headings to partition numbers pictorially.


The children had fun in PE on Thursday with Sam and Chad. They learnt a new team game called ‘toilet tag’, which caused many giggles. The children worked together to follow instructions in order to complete the game.


It has also been a very tuneful week in Falcon Class. We are learning our songs for our nativity, which is creeping ever closer. Please help your child to learn their lines and practice their dance if they have one, don’t forget to put the nativity dates in your diary!

Week 2


This week started on a high as the children enjoyed exploring our new class text ‘How to Catch a Star’. They quickly began to retell the story and wrote setting descriptions using noun phrases. Our adjective word bank is growing with fabulous words!


In maths we have continued with addition and subtraction. We have been comparing number sentences and related number facts. This has helped us solve problems today with number bonds to 100.


We have begun to think about the organisation of our information text, ready to show you all that we have learnt about space.


Have a restful week Falcons. I have a feeling next week will also be very busy!

Week 1


Falcon Class have had a fantastic start to Term 2.

On Tuesday, the children wrote me letters describing their amazing adventures during the holidays. Many enjoyed dressing up and watching fireworks! We even heard about the fun time Bubbles our class bear had!


During their science session, they recalled their learning about materials and their uses, choosing the best materials for different objects. They decided that glass was the best material for a window because it is transparent and waterproof.


In English, the children edited and published their own version of Bob, The Man on the Moon. Don’t worry you will be invited in to see the finished products at the end of term, alongside all their other enquiry learning!


We continued with addition and subtraction this week in maths, focusing on fact families and checking calculations. The children had fun showing their working out on the tables in the classroom. They are a very tidy bunch who wanted to keep cleaning the tables!


On Thursday, we had our first football session with Sam and Chad the sports coaches. We warmed up by playing stuck in the mud, and then worked in pairs to play football shadows.


To end the week, we had a wow morning, where the children followed clues about our new text. They correctly guessed that the book included a star, and they went on to make their own constellations. “This is my best day in school” some of them told me.



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 Term 1

How does an astronaut get to space? 

Falcon Class Newsletter


Week 8

This week we have been orally rehearsing our innovated story of The Man on Jupiter. We have told our stories to each other, and the grown-ups, using our story maps. On Thursday, we started to write our story using our target cards. These cards help us to remember what our targets are as we write.

In maths we have been looking at fact families, and using the bar model and part whole model.

We continue to practice our times table to help support our learning.

The children were really engaged when we used the internet to help us with our enquiry. They used google and visited many space websites for children. Ask them what they found out!

It really has been a busy week, but I could not forget to show you some of the finished ‘Starry Night’ pictures. We hope you enjoy them.

As a surprise for golden time, children were able to dress up in the new astronaut outfit.

What a lovely end to a fantastic term.

Happy holiday Falcon Class.



Week 7

What another busy week in Falcon Class! In maths’ we been learning to count in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s. Mrs Matthews was very impressed with how the children selected 100 squares to help them find the next number in a sequence.


In our enquiry session, the children enjoyed adding the ‘Twinkling stars’ to their ongoing interpretation of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry night’.


We were also learning new scientific vocabulary. We had a word and had to find its definition, using a dictionary to help us.


On Wednesday afternoon we got all giddy after doing our school skipathon. Unfortunately, our school councillor who had helped to organise it, was not in that afternoon. Don’t worry, she was able to complete it the next day.


The children were very excited to see our new pro-bots. They had fun giving precise instructions including numbers to predict and program a control device.


The children were programming the pro-bots to draw a planet. This links to their English, where the children have innovated the story of ‘The Man on the Moon’, and Bob is now called Steve, and he visits the planet Jupiter.

Week 6

This week began with the children writing their innovated story of Beegu. The children have demonstrated their understanding of their targets, and are learning to use these independently in their writing. They really enjoy marking their own work, putting the targets they have used in the margin.


In PE, we have been learning to do mirror images of our partners actions. We added a new section to our dance based on the story of the Toyshop, and Mrs Harris decided to join in with us when we were moving around the hall like different toys. Being a robot is our favourite.


On Wednesday, we received an email from Mrs Roberts. She had discovered some strange goings on in Eagle Class. We went to investigate and found “green slime splattered all over the tables and chairs. It was even on the plate and food!” Kieran thought that is was velociraptors snot and Riley thought it was alien slime.


In the afternoon, we read the book The Man on the Moon, and decided that the aliens in the story left the slime. Mrs Matthews collected the slime, and it is now displayed in the learning lane where the children have been writing noun phrases to describe it.


We made a class story map for Man on the Moon, and we used our new word bank to add interesting words to help us orally retell the story.


In maths, we have been comparing objects and numbers using the correct symbols. We have been trying, using and proving our answers by explaining our reasoning. Miss Bisset has told us we are getting good at answering questions by saying, “I know this because…..”

Week 5


Falcon Class have had another busy week. We started the week using compound sentences in our writing, and learning that this is target number 3 in English.


Before we started writing our narrative, we made to story maps to help us with re-telling our stories. We shared our innovated stories with our talk partners, making sure that we used different story language, in particular, exciting adjectives.


“One foggy morning a small, yellow alien called Beegu was lost in a strange place. She had crashed her spaceship onto a weird blue planet called Earth, and she was lonely.”


Miss Bisset was impressed when we remembered to use compound sentences and noun phrases in our innovated writing about a tiny, yellow alien called Beegu.



Our maths learning has been all about tens and ones this week. We have used the part whole model to find both the missing parts and the whole. We used place value charts to help us with our addition, and we have been learning to write our number sentences in different orders.


40 + 8 = 48

48 = 40 + 8


In our enquiry lesson, we received a mission from NASA. We enjoyed watching the video, 60 years in 60 seconds where we heard the famous words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

In order to get to NASA, we recalled the seven continets of the world, and found that the J.F.Kennedy space station is in Florida.


We boarded a plane, fastened our seatbelts and listened to the captain speak as we flew to Florida. We flew over the Atlantic Ocean, that we had been learning about in our Enquiry lesson earlier on in the week.


On Wednesday we were given an envelope containing pictures of key events in space travel. In teams we sequenced them in order and chose our favourite events to write about.

We found it funny that flies, a monkey, and a dog had been sent in space.


Mrs Pembry also provided another exciting art lesson. We now know that there is a famous artist called Van Gogh, and we have started to create our own version of the Starry night painting.


To end the week, all of the year 2 children worked together to classify objects in a venn diagram. They were really engaged, and made me very proud at how engaged they were on a hot Friday afternoon.

Week 4

Falcon Class had an exciting start to week 4. We had a visit from the Explorer Dome where we crawled inside the dark dome and got to experience what Earth looks like from space. There were loud noises and flashing lights as we watched Earth orbit the sun, as well as hear about the story of Orion and his dog Sirius. Riley said this made him smile.


We continued this experience in class where we used noun phrases to describe what we had seen and heard. Miss Bisset was very impressed with our use of a thesaurus to find exciting new words to use in our writing.


In our learning partners’ we made two-digit numbers, using the dienes to help us find how many tens and ones were in a number. We represented this in different ways in our maths books. Come and ask to have a look in our books.


Mrs Pembry came to our class and helped us do some fantastic artwork where we followed instructions on how to draw an astronaut. You can see some of these on our enquiry display.


In our enquiry lesson, we worked well as teams, locating the seven continents on our world maps. Sahara and Sam then taught us a song to help us remember them. If you want to know too, just ask them!


To finish off the week we went on a material hunt to identify what objects were made from. We then sorted objects depending on the material they were made from, and began to build up a materials word bank.


Week 3

This week we have been busy using manipulatives to help us in our maths. We have been doubling, as well as practising our number bonds.

Beegu came to visit us in Falcon Class on Wednesday. She spoke a funny language so we had to press a special English translator button.

Year 2 worked in scientific teams to start their team floor book all about materials.

Week 2

News just in.

A spaceship has landed at Tyndale!!!!


Children in Falcon class enjoyed exploring the spaceship that crash landed on our patio. Some even thought there was going to be an alien invasion!


The children used their observational skills to find clues about what could have happened, and record any strange findings.


Children looked closely at their features in the mirror to make an observational drawing of themselves.

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