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Share with your children what they learnt in assembly from our special railway visitors. Will they remember the correct answers in the quiz?!

Term 6, Week 6!


In English this week, we have been doing lots of research about  the Ancient Egyptians in order for us to write a non-chronological report. Each talk partner picked a different part to research. We looked at Cleopatra, Hieroglyphics, Pyramids and Mummification. 



We have been super quick at our short multiplication in maths this week, and have really been trying to remember our times tables to help us get the answer quickly. 



Term 6, Week 5!


What a busy week we have had in Hawk class. 


We all enjoyed taking part in sports day, where each of us ran at least one race and made our teams proud! We really enjoyed all of the races, particularly egg and spoon and the sack race, but it was also fun to watch the javelins nearly hitting the crowds!


This week, we have started to create our display of Varjak Paw. We are creating artwork for the display. It isn't finished yet, but we wanted to share with you our progress so far!



Term 6, Week 4.

WOW! What a hot week it has been!

This week, Hawk class have been very busy doing assessments. We have worked really hard and applied our knowledge the best we could!


After finishing Varjak Paw last week, Miss Porter bought the class the second book - The Outlaw Varjak Paw - which we have started to read this week. So far we know that Varjak is living on the Outside and Sally Bones also knows The Way!!


We have been planning and writing our own version of Varjak Paw, where our own characters have had to learn a new skill to save their family. Some of these include: mind control, precognition, controlling gravity and hypnotism. 


In PE this week, we have been practicing our racing skills, all ready for sports day next Wednesday (4th July). We are all looking forward to it and can't wait to see who wins!

Term 6, Week 3 Maths homework.

Term 6, Week 2.


In Hawk Class this week, we have been practicing our character descriptions. So far, we have written one for Varjak Paw and Holly - a stray cat that Varjak has met on his adventure.


In maths this week, we have been looking at place value and really working hard to get our memories working to deepen our understanding. We also looked at symmetry, where we were drawing the other half of shapes and creating a pattern that was symmetrical.


We had a rounders match with Kestrel Class this week. We all got split into two teams - Miss Porter's team and Miss Boothby's team. We also took part in an aiming activity when it wasn't our turn to bat. 

Miss Porter's team had a final score of 106

Miss Boothby's team had a final score of 56.5.


We really enjoyed meeting ER Reilly this week and we are looking forward to reading his books :).  In case you want to look on his website - here is the link:

Term 6, Week 1

This week in Hawk Class, we have been very busy creating setting descriptions. We have used our new class book Varjak Paw to look at the settings and create our own versions. 

We are really excited to be reading this book as it has lots of detail that makes it interesting and we want to keep on reading it. 


On Thursday, as the end of our living things and their habitats science topic, we looked at animals habitats and how they can be effected by environmental changes. Because of this, we wanted to do something good for the animals, so we teamed up with Year 3 to go and make some bug hotels. We went outside and collected leaves, grass, mud, sticks and twigs and put them into a plastic tunnel. When we were finished, we hid them in the bushes so they bugs won't be scared to use them. As we were making them, we stumbled across a funny looking orange and black bug. When we got back to the classroom and looked online for answers, we found that they were actually the larvae of Ladybirds!!!!


This was a really exciting activity, but unfortunately, Miss Porter forgot the camera!! So there will be no pictures of this one!


Term 6 Topic Web

Term 6 Topic Web 1

Samba Drumming!

Hawk Class 2017/18.

Updated for Term 5.


Welcome to the Hawk Class web page! I am Miss Porter and I am the Class Teacher. 

We are fortunate to have Mrs Matthews and Mrs Douglass working with our class this year. 

Please feel free to come to me with any concerns or news that you have throughout the year.



This year, our class will be doing PE on a Monday and a Wednesday. You child will need a full kit for PE and can be kept in school throughout the term. We are doing Rounders and Athletics in PE this term. This will mean we are outside. Please ensure your children have trainers, joggers and a jumper as well as the usual shorts and t-shirt - the weather can be very unpredictable.



Your child will be coming home with 2 reading books each week. Please read with your child as often as possible. We are hoping each child will have read 5 times each week. Children will be able to change their books on a Thursday, so they will have new books ready for the weekend! There are house points up for grabs - every reading recorded will earn your child one house point!



Children will be given new spellings each Friday and will be tested on these the following Friday. Please practise these at home as often as possible!


Times tables

Please continue to practise your times tables at home. We are going to be focusing on the 7 times table this term. 



Any questions, please come and see me!


Miss Porter

Term 5 Homework

Term 5 Homework 1

Term 5 Topic Web - Eager Egyptians.

Term 5 Topic Web - Eager Egyptians.  1

Volcanic Eruptions!!

Term 3 Homework - Disaster Zone!

Term 3 Homework - Disaster Zone! 1

Term 3 Topic Web - Disaster Zone!

Term 3 Topic Web - Disaster Zone! 1

Term 2 Topic Web

Term 2 Topic Web 1

Term 2 Homework - Choose one activity and be prepared to explain it to the class. They may ask questions!

Term 2 Homework - Choose one activity and be prepared to explain it to the class. They may ask questions! 1

Term 1 Topic Web

Term 1 Topic Web 1

Term 1 Homework

Term 1 Homework 1

Welcome to Hawk Class 2016/17.

This term we will be learning about the Amazing Americas!! Have a look at the topic web below:

This term we will be learning about the Amazing Americas!! Have a look at the topic web below:  1

Hawk Timetable

Hawk Timetable  1

Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication