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National Curriculum Assessment

All schools are required to bring in the Governmental changes to assessment. We have held parental meetings to inform you about these changes. This was an opportunity to learn about the changes and how they will affect the way your children will be assessed. We were aware some parents were unable to make the meeting and some parents may wish to revisit the content of the meeting you may have attended.

We will ensure your children are fully prepared. If you have any further questions please come and talk to a member of staff about it.

Tyndale teacher assessment is ongoing throughout the whole year and does not rely on test results alone.  

 Below is a link to the parent meetings powerpoints. 


If you were unable to make the KS2 SATs information evening for parents on Thursday 26th April, the slides are below

National curriculum tests (SATs) at key stage 2

Information for parents of pupils in year 6, typically aged 11, about assessments in May.

If you were unable to make the KS1 SATs parents meeting on Wednesday 18th April, the slides are below.

National curriculum tests (SATs) at key stage 1

Information for parents of pupils in year 2, typically aged 7, about assessments in May.

Below are the PowerPoint presentations shared with parents at the Year 2 and Year 6 Nation Curriculum Test meetings this term. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come in and ask. Some simple ways you can support your child during the test period are to allow them time to relax - they will be tired, get them to bed early as well rested brains perform better and a good breakfast will set them up for the day! I know they have been working very hard in both Y2 and Y6 and are all preparing to show off how brilliant they are in the tests.