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Tyndale Primary School

How Can We Support You?

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following a discussion held at our recent pastoral drop in, I felt it highly beneficial to offer a section in the ‘Parents’ tab of our website titled ‘How We Can Support You’.

Parenting is a hard job! It is important that you have all the tools on hand to support you when times get hard, and I wanted to offer you a ‘go to place’ that could be of use directly through school.

I have collaborated with the allocated Compass Worker for Tyndale from the local authority, Dee Mooney to display useful information on our website in an easily accessible way, which might support you in times of need.

I am delighted to announce that this section of the website is now live.

Please follow this link, where you will be directed to the ‘How We Can Support You’ page with links on the right to the following pages on our website, or alternatively, you can click the links below:

I hope that you find these pages useful and insightful. Please note that we are always on hand, should you require some ‘Early Help’ support.

Kind regards

Ms K Parkhouse