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Tyndale Primary School

Attendance Prize Draw

Attendance Prize Draw for Parents/Carers 

Dear Parent/Carers, 

School attendance is an integral part of children's lives, learning and development. 

As part of our support to you to maximise your children’s learning in school and give them the best chance of success, we have a new initiative to support this. 

We are excited to announce that at the end of each term, children who have achieved 96% or more in their attendance, their parents/carers will be entered into a prize draw for the opportunity to win a £20 gift voucher. 

The Child and Family Team will make the draw and present the voucher to the lucky family on the last day of each half-term. 

Please note that if your child is on an adapted timetable, or if they have had any medical appointments that half-term, these will be taken into account to ensure fairness for all families. 

Kind regards, 

The CAF Team 

(Ms Parkhouse, Mr Powell, Ms Rubery and Ms Fletcher)