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Welcome to Osprey Class! On our page you will find weekly updates of our learning. In addition, you will find useful information such as homework/PE/curriculum information. Take a look! 


Osprey Class are taught by Miss Smart two days a week while Miss Palmer teaches the class for the rest of the time. 


PE in Term 6 will be on Thursdays and Fridays. Remember to come to school wearing your PE kit on these days. 


At 3:00 at least three times a week, we are going to have ERIC (everybody reading in class). For this reason, please help your child to remember to bring their reading book and reading record into school every day.


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Term 5 and 6 - Why do we care?


Our text: Skellig by David Almond

Picture 1

Mas Que Nada dancing!

Term 6; Week 3:


In our writing we have been innovating our own version of Skellig. We had to think carefully about our creature and what their unusual attribute was as well as inventing a new setting for the creature to be safe in!


In maths, after we finished our learning about translation, we began revising some of the things we had learnt throughout Year 5. 


We were very lucky this week to welcome a new member to Osprey Class! 


To present our knowledge about night and day, we made a movie in small groups - it was really fun! We also had the opportunity to programme some Beebots this week which we found enjoyable. 


On Monday, we went to the South Gloucestershire council building to join some World War 2 veterans in raising the flag. We performed two songs for them - 'Run rabbit run' and 'Sing'. They thanked us for coming and we walked back really sensibly. 



Term 6 Week 1:


We were very excited this week to find out that we would be watching Skellig: The Owl Man. We thought that the film was intense and we were captivated! Some of us thought the characters matched our own images however some of us had built different pictures in our minds as we have been reading the book.


In our writing we have been focusing on character descriptions. It is important to not only describe what the character looks like but we have also been thinking about their interactions with other characters and keeping the action moving. As well as this, we have been including all of our targets and thinking about which sentences suit which target. 


Our new science topic is 'Space'. We have started to gather factual information about the planets in our Solar System so that we can go on to make a 3D model next week. 


Maths this week has involved nets and co-ordinates. We were really proud of ourselves for achieving prove it questions and have used lots of reasoning to solve challenging problems. 

Week 5:


What a short term! We've been really enjoying reading Skellig and look forward to reading more next term! Now that we know he has wings, we're very interested to find out why and what he might do with them next.


In maths we have been looking at 3D shapes and using vocabulary like face and edge to describe them. To summarise our learning we created posters to help us remember the learning that we did on angles and 2D shapes too. 


In our writing we used images of abandoned places to create our own setting. We were really good at using personification and cohesion throughout our piece. 

Week 4:


This week in our writing we looked at a setting description from Skellig. We found personification, short sentences, noun phrases, repetition and the power of three. Using a text map, we rewrote the setting in our own words. On Friday we drew a similar map but for a new setting. We loved the photos of abandoned places and we could gather some interesting vocabulary to describe what we saw. 


In maths we have been looking at angles on a straight line, around a point and interior angles of shapes. Our STEM sentences have been really important in supporting us in our learning. For example, a straight line has an angle of 180 degrees. 



Week 3:


This week we wrote a biography about somebody who cares for us. We asked that person some questions at home then used the STS for a biography to help us create our writing. We used formal language and focused on cohesion through the piece. 


In art, we followed a series of steps to draw a feather. We are going to put all of our feathers together to create Skellig's wings! We had lots of fun designing our very own. 


In maths we have been learning about types of angles, how to measure them and how to draw them. We are really getting the hang of using a protractor!

Week 2:


This week we had STEM visitors from Leidos, who designed some activities to get us problem solving! They were really fun but the hot lava was particularly tricky to solve! Photos can be seen below!


We've been writing a biography about Mary Seacole as she was a caring nurse during the Crimean War. We used our biography STS to make sure we were including all of the language and structure features that were needed. Some can be seen below!


In maths we've focused on volume and used the equation l x w x h to work out the total space inside cubes and cuboid as well as some irregular shapes that we know were built from 1cm cubed cubes. 

Week 1:


After an extra long Easter holiday, we came back to find feathers spread across our tables and some quotes that were all centered around 'care', 'help' and 'kindness'. Later in the day, we discovered that the quotes had come from our class text: Skellig. We really enjoyed reading the first seven chapters and discussed how the author had built up tension and used repetition. 


The next day, we were visited by care professionals from different organisations (St. Peter's Hospice, Windmill Care homes and The Trussell Trust). We learnt about open questions so that we could gather as much interesting information from our visitors as we could. In the afternoon, we made a pledge to demonstrate care towards somebody special to us. At the end of the term, we will present to the class, who, why and how we showed care. 


We've also been learning about biographies and after unpicking a selection, we created a toolkit for a successful biography. Some features were good but not essential, like an image of the subject or a fact box. 

Daniel from St Peter's Hospice visits us!

Jenny and Nick visit us from the Trussell Trust!

Term 4 - What forces act on our bodies?


This term's text: The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

Picture 1

Week 6


What an exciting last week we've had! On Monday we performed our Big Sing songs to Year 3 and our grown-ups. We have been really lucky to have our voice coach, Dougal, come and train us throughout the term. 


On Thursday we went to Yate Academy to explore the chemistry laboratories. We performed some experiments that determined whether a solution was an acid or a base using a special chart called the pH scale. Our next task was to neutralise an acid using a base. We had to be so careful to add just one drop of sodium hydroxide at a time otherwise we wouldn't see the green shown by the universal indicator to indicate it was neutral! 


Our purple learner winners were Chloe and Kaiden! Congratulations! 

Week 4: This week we have been exploring decimals and percentages and exploring the links with fractions too. We really enjoy the feeling of bringing our learning together. In our writing we have been using fronted adverbials to create cohesion between our paragraphs. We ended the week writing a set of instructions to describe how to build a wooden train. In art we have been working on a 3D character from 'The Highwayman'. Photos soon to follow! Below you can see us practising our tag rugby skills. 

Tag rugby with Bristol Sport coaches

Week 3:


This week, Osprey class have been linking paragraphs in English to write about Tim the ostler from the Highwayman. 

In Maths, we have practised rounding decimals to the nearest tenth and whole number. Lacey and Kye shared their expertise by teaching others.

We also did more of our learning on parachutes and found out about the effects of gravity and air resistance. We used a force diagram to illustrate how these two forces work on a parachute.

Week 2:


We've had a busy week in Osprey Class! In PE we are building on our tag rugby skills with the Bristol Sport coaches. We really enjoy these sessions because we are improving each time. In maths we have been multiplying fractions and finding fractions of big numbers! We're finding the STS very useful to follow. In our writing we have been using 'The Highwayman' to learn about different tenses. We have written in the simple, progressive and perfect tenses. Again, our STS are necessary to help us succeed. 


On Thursday Y5 we lucky enough to be invited to Yate Academy to try out some woodwork. We made a wooden train and used different tools and machines to do so. Look at our photos below! 


During 'World Book Day' we dressed as an animal from a book. We looked at the book 'Elmer the Elephant' and worked in small groups to perform a section from the book. We had lots of fun making props and interpreting the story. After lunch, we performed the whole story. Look at the photos below! We also wrote our own version of Elmer the Elephant where we replaced Elmer with the animal that we were dressed as!

World Book Day!

Week 1:


This week we enjoyed our WOW activities. Firstly we made some non-Newtonian liquid that behaved like a solid when we put pressure on it. It was such a strange feeling! If we put our finger into the cornflour/water mixture slowly then it remained a liquid. Next we had to design and create a model that would allow an egg to be dropped from a height without breaking. We had lots of fun experimenting with different shapes and materials. In the end about half of our eggs cracked but we have thought about improvements we would make if we did it again. Finally we had to balance a weight upon a spaghetti and marshmallow tower. The spaghetti was not strong and often snapped so we decided to use straws and selotape instead. Our structures could suddenly take much more weight.


Check out the photographs from each activity below!

'Create a design that will protect an egg when it is dropped from a height'

Testing our egg protection designs!

'Create a structure to hold a weight'

Term 3 - What brought the Vikings to Britain?


This term's text: Viking Boy by Tony Bradman

Picture 1

Week 6


This week we really enjoyed our mini dodge ball tournament when we tested out our new dodge balls! We can confirm that they work well! We have been persevering at challenging problem solving questions related to adding fractions, the bar model has been really useful. In writing we worked tirelessly to publish the piece of work that we felt the most proud of. Take a look at our display below! It was great to produce a whole-class piece of work - the shield in the middle. We also wrote a newspaper report, describing the night that Bjorn was taken by Valkyries. Now it's time to enjoy the half-term! 

Picture 1

Week 5


This week was out of the ordinary! Monday saw the Big Sing come and visit us at school, Tuesday was SID and on Thursday we were treated to a performance of 'The Tempest' at Brimsham Green School. We thought that the actors and actresses did a fantastic job at learning their lines and it made us feel excited about when we go to secondary school. 


We have been comparing and ordering fractions in maths and writing sentences with subordinate clauses in different places in our writing. We have used the powerful images in Viking Boy as a stimulus for our writing, which we enjoyed. 

Week 4


This week we discovered some Viking sagas, they are Viking stories about their gods, mainly Odin, Thor and Freya. We had lots of fun acting out the sagas! 


In our writing we wrote a letter to Odin to beg permission into Valhalla. We pretended that we were a warrior who had tried many times to die courageously in battle but had very bad luck! 


On Friday we woke to discover it was a snow day! We all enjoyed spending an extra day at home with our families. 

Week 3


This week we completed our Skipathon, our top skipper was Chloe, who skipped 111 times in one minute! The winning house from Osprey Class was Buckingham. 


In maths this week we have begun learning about fractions. We have looked at equivalent and improper fractions, as well as some mixed numbers. Multi-link cubes have helped us see the relationship between improper fractions and mixed numbers and our magnetic fractions have helped us to see equivalent fractions clearly. 


We're still enjoying our class text- Viking Boy- he's in a tricky situation and we can't wait to find out what he does! 


Below you can see a snippet of our debate. Half of us were nuns and monks, whose monastery had been destroyed by Vikings whereas the other half of the class were the ruthless Vikings, who didn't seem to care! We went on to write a story that was set in Lindisfarne. 


Still image for this video

Week 2


Well done to our dodge-ball team members, who came fourth out of twenty teams to getting to the plate! We are very proud! 


We have written a non-chronological text about Viking longboats this week, take a look at the examples below. Maybe you can spot out relative and embedded clauses!


We welcomed back a member of Osprey Class and had fun exploring world maps to see where the Vikings went to raid and trade. 

Week 1


We have started to read our new text, Viking Boy by Tony Bradman. We're really enjoying the story and we are left on a cliffhanger every time Miss Palmer reads a chapter!


Our indoor PE lessons involve dance and we started by choreographing a sword fight with a partner, which we performed to a piece of music. Outdoor PE lessons are adventure-based and we began by mapping the school grounds.


We have been focusing on timelines this week. Firstly, we made a human timeline that showed all the major world events since the world began! Next, we explored the events that happened during the Viking era in more detail. Look at our timelines below!

Term 2 – How do the arts enhance storytelling?


This term's text: The Princess' Blankets 


Picture 1

Week Six


This week we were blown away when we met some professional basketball players! Three Bristol Flyers players came to play basketball with us. We enjoyed their demonstration of a slam dunk and they could even reach the net! 


We worked as a whole class to create our own blankets from the Princess' Blankets. Using mixed media like paint, oil pastels, watercolours and colouring pencils, we had the chance to express our creativity! 


After watching a short animation, we retold the events using commas to demarcate clauses. Then we put ourselves in the shoes of the main character and wrote a letter to our family using 'cause and effect' and 'condition' subordinating conjunctions to begin our sentences. 


We've impressed ourselves this week by getting onto lots of prove its in maths! We have been working systematically and logically whilst using our knowledge and skills. 

Picture 1

Week 5


This week we were extremely lucky to have Mrs. Betts come to do some art with us. We looked at how the story of the Princess' Blankets uses art to enhance the experience for the reader. Using mixed media, we recreated one of the images from the book, we really like the colours that we used. 

In writing and maths we have been working hard to learn new skills- short division and using commas to demarcate clauses. We're really pleased at how many targets we can now include in our writing and have enjoyed writing character descriptions. Using the place value counters really helped us to understand division and now we're using the bus stop method with confidence.

Picture 1

Week 4


This week, our Christmas production rehearsals got underway! We shared tips on how to learn our lines and we are looking forward to performing in front of an audience. Below, you can see some photos of us in our basketball lessons. We were learning moves such as the left, right and back cross-overs. 


We have been working really hard in English and maths. Relative clauses have added lots of detail to our writing and our readers can really get to know our characters and settings. In maths we have persevered with multiplying by two-digit numbers. The most important step is to insert zero the hero into the ones column on the second line! 

Week 3


This week we have been learning multiplication. It was difficult at first, however after building up our skills and beginning to apply them, we found it much easier. 


Lola: 'I found the short multiplication much easier than the grid method and it was quicker.' 

Kayden-Lee: 'I felt confident with the grid method because I could rely on it.'

Oechi: 'We must remember zero the hero!'


We have been looking at relative clauses, for some of us it came naturally! Relative clauses begin with relative pronouns- whose, who, which, that, where and when. They are all used differently. 


Kiera's sentence that she was most proud of was: The musician played his flute in the Princess' chamber, where she lay frozen. 


In science this week we have been grouping materials. We learnt some new vocabulary to describe materials such as conductor (heat and electrical), magnetic, opaque and translucent. We pondered what would happen if a hammer were to be made from glass. We decided it wouldn't be the best material as the hammer would smash! Metal would be much better. 

Term 2- Week 2


We love the Princess' blankets! This week, we began to explore how to express each of the blankets using colour and texture. In our writing, we have created a newspaper report, reporting on the events that took place as the stranger approached the palace. Using reported speech has given our writing a dramatic effect by including witnesses points of view.  


In our final measurement lesson, we tried a range of problem solving questions. Through applying our knowledge, we were able to solve challenging prove it questions. We felt so proud when we found the correct answer! 


The Tyndale Times Table Championship has captured our competitive spirit; we are eager to improve on our score from this week so we can progress to the next level! 



Term 2- Week 1

We discovered our new text, which is called the Princess’ blankets. We made our very own blankets by weaving using a loom board. We even made our loom boards ourselves! Weaving is relaxing however some of us found it very challenging to control the needle so we supported each other.


In our maths lessons this week, we have continued to convert between units of length and we have introduced converting between units of mass. We have to be very skilled at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to be successful.


One of the highlights of our week was being awarded the ‘Top Striding’ certificate for having the highest number of children walking to school during October! Go Osprey!


Another highlight was our first PE session with Sam and Tom, where we played basketball. We learnt how to ‘cross-over’ so that we can avoid attackers out on the court!

Osprey Class Week 8

We have had a really fun final week of term in Osprey Class!

In art we drew rainforest animals using step-by-step instructions. We shaded the animals carefully to show the texture of their fur or feathers. On a separate piece of paper we designed a colourful Amazon background to mount the animal on. This work went on our Kapok tree display in the hall which you can see below.

We have been writing non-chronological reports about the threats to the Amazon rainforest. During our research we found out some shocking facts such as an area the size of 93,000 football pitches is used for mining gold and other metals. Using our neat handwriting we published the piece of writing that we were most proud of from Term 1.

In swimming we were earning our badges. We had to swim on our front and back for as far as we could to determine which badge we received.

This week in maths we were faced by tough 2-step word problems. We enjoyed the challenge! To begin our work on measure, we estimated the length of objects at school, then we measured them. Our favourite object to measure was the netball court!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Osprey Class- Week 7



Ben- ‘this week we have been making poppies out of clay and painting them to mark Remembrance Day. I thought it was fun but I got paint on my top!’


Writing- We have been writing narratives using direct speech. Here’s what we have to say about it:


Lacey- ‘direct speech uses punctuation called inverted commas.’

Stephen- ‘it can be used a few different ways in a narrative, for example putting the character and how they talk first or last in a sentence.’

Stanley- ‘you need to add commas and the correct punctuation.’



Emily- ‘we have been doing subtraction and using the box method to help us work out word problems.’

Kye- ‘we’ve also been doing addition, which uses column addition where the numbers must be under place value headings.’

Kaiden- ‘it is important to remember, when subtracting, that the bigger number goes on the top.’

Luis- ‘when we exchange, drawing the dienes in the real story is really helpful.’



Kiera- ‘the skipathon was to see how many skips we could do in a minute.’

Picture 1

Week 6

In maths this week we have been learning about Roman Numerals. Each number is represented by a letter! For example, one hundred is C. We have also been learning how to order and subtract negative numbers, which is important because we see negative numbers in our daily lives such as cold temperatures and bank accounts!


In writing this week we have been using adverbs to show possibility. We wrote letters to persuade somebody to buy us a pet. Importantly, we had to predict the reasons why somebody might say no and suggest strong counterarguments.


Excitingly, in science we have been learning about life cycles and planning our own story that will be similar to ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ to describe the life cycle of a frog. Next week we will be writing the stories so watch this space!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 5 This week in Osprey Class, we have been really proud of our progression in understanding decimals in maths. We have been using our steps to success to round decimals to the nearest one.

Week 5  This week in Osprey Class, we have been really proud of our progression in understanding decimals in maths. We have been using our steps to success to round decimals to the nearest one. 1

In writing we have been learning about modal verbs. We now know what they are and how to use them to enhance our writing. When writing persuasive letters to the Prime Minister about deforestation, they made our writing more convincing.

In writing we have been learning about modal verbs. We now know what they are and how to use them to enhance our writing. When writing persuasive letters to the Prime Minister about deforestation, they made our writing more convincing.  1

Week 4


This week we started our swimming lessons, going every afternoon. We enjoyed learning different strokes and using floats to practice different techniques. We learnt more about the Amazon and wrote an advert to sell a holiday to the Amazon rainforest. Within maths we have been learning all about decimals – Miss Whiting was so proud of our effort and understanding.


Week 3

This week in Osprey Class we had our Wow day and indeed we were all wowed! Jungle Jonathon brought in a selection of fantastic beasts whose legs ranged from eight down to zero. Some of us felt nervous at first but we overcame our fears throughout the morning and had the chance to handle some of the insects and the snake! Importantly, we learnt about deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.


In maths we have been rounding and ordering numbers whilst using new vocabulary like ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’. The numbers we work with are getting bigger in Year 5, sometimes they are six digits long!


Our writing has focussed on fronted adverbials this week and we have had some exciting opportunities to use them. We wrote a diary entry as though we had witnessed the events in our book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’.


We really enjoyed visiting the polling station where we had to vote for our house captains, vice house captains, sports coaches and school council representatives. We discussed how important democracy is and agreed it was a fair way to do things.


Week 2 –

This week we have been learning lots more about place value within maths, looking at comparing numbers and rounding. Miss Whiting was extremely amazed by our great subject knowledge and effort levels.

Within writing lessons, we carried on with the book ‘The Day the Crayon’s Quit’ and we created letters to Duncan, the boy whose crayons quit. We were learning all about how to use apostrophes for possession.

We started P.E. lessons this week, focusing on netball.




This term, P.E will be on a Monday and Wednesday – so we need to remember to bring in our full kit so everyone can take part.




Homework will be given out on a Friday and returned to the teacher the next Wednesday. It will be: times tables, reading and calculation. If you need a little extra support, there will be a homework club on a Tuesday lunch time.




Term 1 - Can I help save the Amazon Rain forest?


Week 1


This week, we have been looking at the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We enjoyed finding out why all the crayons were annoyed with Duncan. We worked together to create lots of beautiful images using crayons – however, we were only allowed to use one colour each. This meant we had to work hard as a team to collaborate. We also created wonderful self-portraits which included lots of colour.