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Tyndale Primary School

About the Governing Body

Tyndale Primary School is an academy in the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is a charitable company, limited by guarantee, with the sole purpose of maintaining and developing academy schools to provide comprehensive and inclusive education for the public benefit. You can find out more about the governance of the trust on the trust website here.

The Trustees of the Greenshaw Learning Trust have overall legal responsibility for all the schools in the trust, but they delegate powers and responsibilities with respect to the governance of each school to its governing body. The governing body is a committee of the Board of Trustees that reports to and is accountable to the Board of Trustees under a Scheme of Delegation of governance functions.

The Governing Body for Tyndale Primary School is the Tyndale & Woodlands Primary Schools Governing Body – a shared governing body with Woodlands Primary School.

The governing body is responsible for the strategic leadership of the schools, for oversight of the schools' financial and academic performance, and for holding the headteachers and schools' senior leadership to account.

Governors are appointed in a number of different ways to reflect the schools' various stakeholders and to bring a range of skills and experience to the governing body:

  • Trust governors are appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Greenshaw Learning Trust.
  • A parent governor has to be a parent of a pupil one of the schools at the time of their election and is elected by ballot of all parents and carers of current pupils.
  • Community governors are appointed by the governing body to reflect its community and stakeholders.
  • A staff governor must work at the school and is appointed following a ballot of all staff.
  • The headteachers are governors ex-officio.

All governors except the headteachers serve for a term of office of four years, but can be reappointed.

Governors act collectively as the governing body and work closely with the headteachers and senior leadership teams of the schools. Governors exercise their powers in a primarily strategic leadership role; they should not get involved in the day-to-day running of the schools.

As well as attending governing body meetings, governors take part in governor briefings and development activities, visit the school, meet school staff, and attend and engage in a range of school activities.

The headteachers are responsible for the day-to-day running of the schools, including the internal organisation, management and control of the schools and the direction of teaching and the curriculum, and for the implementation of the policies of the Trust and Local Governing Body.

You can find out a little about the governors by going to Meet the Governors.

For further information or to contact the governing body, please email the clerk to the governing body Naziur Rahman at

If you are interested in becoming a governor at Tyndale & Woodlands Primary Schools Governing Body or at another school in the trust, please click here.