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Tyndale Primary School

Access Internet from Games Consoles and TV's

If you require some support with technology or teaching and learning whilst you are home schooling your child, please use this form.

The help desk is open daily from 8:40am - 3:30pm.

We will get back to you as soon as possible so that you can continue to give your child "the best chance of success" from home.

We appreciate that when your access to technology is limited, this can be a barrier to your child accessing our home learning platform.

Please find below a handy 'how to guide' which will support you in gaining access to our home learning platform via multiple ways if you don't have enough laptops, phones or tablets in your house.

Playstation 3:

  • First, select the 'Network' tab
  • Next, find the app labelled 'Internet Browser' (it has a logo with 'www' on it)
  • Select the app to launch
  • Once loaded, type in the address bar:

Playstation 4:

  • Go to the 'Library' tab
  • You will see an app labelled ‘Internet Browser’ here (it has a logo with 'www' on it)
  • Select the app to launch
  • Once loaded, type in the address bar:


  • Open the side navigation menu
  • Go to 'My Games and Apps'
  • Then, go to ‘See All’
  • On the left hand side, go to 'Apps'
  • Scroll to the right and look for the app called ‘Microsoft Edge’
    (it will have a giant ‘e’ as the logo)
  • Select it to launch, then at the top in the address bar type in:

Smart TV/Smart TV Stick (e.g. Fire Stick)

As all makes and models have different interfaces and app store, we can't give specific guidance on each one.

  • First, you will need to locate the 'App Store' 
  • The apps below have varied success on different TV makes and models but the known apps that can be installed and allow you to access the Internet through are:
  • Opera Mini
  • Firefox Beta
  • Chrome Beta
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Once installed and launched, type in the address bar at the top: