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Tyndale Primary School

National School Breakfast Programme

We have been fortunate enough to secure funding from the National School Breakfast Programme to provide breakfast for every child at Tyndale Primary.

Upon entry to the classroom every morning, all pupils are offered a portion of a toasted bagel or a bowl of cereal.

If your child has any specific dietary requirements, please ensure that our office is already aware of this so that we can offer an alternative if required. 

Research has shown that offering pupils in primary schools a free and nutritious meal before school can boost their reading, writing, and maths results by an average of two months’ additional progress, so we are delighted that our school has secured this provision.

More information

The National School Breakfast Programme is funded by the Department for Education and
run by Family Action to support schools in England to provide children with a healthy
breakfast at the start of the school day.

Family Action is committed to supporting child development, and we believe a healthy
school breakfast, without barrier or stigma, can set up children to succeed and give them
the very best chance to learn.

About the programme

Building on the success of the National School Breakfast Programme, Family Action can
offer 2500 schools a place on the new National School Breakfast Programme (NSBP).

The programme will run from July 2021 to July 2023, providing schools with up to two years of support to run a successful and affordable school breakfast provision. The offer is available to all schools who have 50% or more children in IDACI bands A-F.

Family Action will work with schools to...

  • Identify and target children who would benefit most from a regular, free healthy breakfast, so that they and their families feel able to access the support, without barrier or stigma.
  • Share the compelling evidence and research that supports why it is so important for children to have free access to a nutritious breakfast at the start of every school day.