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Tyndale Primary School

SEND and Nurture Provision

Our nurture provision is a focused, short-term intervention for our early years and key stage one children with social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties which make it harder for them to learn full time in their class. Our nurture provision is designed to address the social and emotional needs that can hamper our children's learning. So as well as providing academic teaching, our nurture provision is designed to help our children develop vital social skills, to develop confidence and self-respect, and to take pride in behaving well and in achieving.

Our nurture provision places a special emphasis on language development and communication: nothing is taken for granted and everything is clearly explained by our staff, with the help of demonstrations and (where helpful) physical gestures. Children are given the time they need both to listen and be listened to. This provision also gives children vital opportunities for social learning – for example by encouraging them to share food at breakfast and ‘snack time’ and to help other children in the group. The friendly, supportive relationship between the members of staff is also itself an important source of learning – a model for the children to observe and copy.

The children accessing our nurture provision also spend time with their class in their classroom and their days involve time in class, time in the nurture classroom, forest school, our life-skills room and time outdoors.