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Tyndale Primary School

Our Ethos and values

Our Ethos

We are a highly aspirational school where we aim to give pupils at Tyndale Primary a better chance
of success than if they attended any other school in the country. This success will be based on
children having secure knowledge in the key areas of reading, writing and maths taught within an
engaging and creative curriculum.

We expect parents to want the same for their children and to work in close partnership with the
school to achieve this.

Our Values

We strive to ensure than children leave Tyndale Primary school as confident, ambitious and high-
achieving learners.

We clearly communicate and embed our values which are aspiration, success, pride and nurture so
that we can further develop high standards of discipline and self-belief.

We insist the pupils wear their uniforms with pride, display exceptional behaviour and attend school
on time, ready to learn, every day.