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Tyndale Primary School

Planners (Years 2-6)

At Tyndale Primary, our mission is to give our children the best chance of success. In order to support our children in achieving this success, all children in Years 2 - 6 are given a planner, which is a compulsory item that they must bring to school with them every day. 

Preparing Our Children for Success

Teaching our children to use a planner is an effective way to prepare our children for their transition to secondary school, teach them to be professional and organised and to assist their ability to retain the knowledge they are taught at school.

Planner Usage

Children will use their planners every day during term time to record a variety of information:

Self Quizzing

Children will complete 5 self-quizzing questions per day, which will be a balance of new knowledge they've been taught at school that day and some questions targeting prior knowledge they've been taught for example knowledge they were taught yesterday, last week, last month, last term and last year. 

Reading Record

Children will record their daily reading in their planner so that they do not need to keep an additional reading record. Children are expected to read for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. 

More information about expectations of home reading can be found above.

Spelling Practice

Children in Years 1 - 6 will be provided with a termly overview of spellings that encourage the teaching of spelling rules. Therefore, we will not be giving a formal weekly test but would instead do a termly spelling test to occur in the final week of each term in order to assess understanding of introduced spelling rules. This is no more than 25 words in KS1. Within KS2 this can take the form of dictated sentences, that include multiple sentences for the words we would like to check retention and learning of. Children can still do their daily 'look, cover, write, check' in their planners.

Parent and Teacher Communication

At the bottom of each page in the child's planner there is an optional comments box to facilitate this line of communication. Please do not hesitate to use this facility within the planner or book an appointment to come in and see us if you ever have any concerns.

It is the responsibility of our children to bring the planner into school every day and to complete the daily tasks within it. Failure to do so, will result in study support with the senior leadership team during a lunchtime to complete the missing work. Children need to arrive to school on time, organised and prepared to start their day - every second counts.