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Tyndale Primary School

Reasons to Attend Tyndale

Think you know Tyndale?

Tyndale Primary School became a member of the Greenshaw Learning Trust in June 2019. The mission for Tyndale Primary, is to give every pupil “the best chance of success”

Tyndale Primary School is a GOOD school in ALL areas! Ofsted - September 2023.

Reasons to attend Tyndale:

Some of the key features of our school include:

  • We are a GOOD school in ALL areas.
  • We have a high quality Academic Curriculum tailored for our children. Our Academic Curriculum ensures we support all children to succeed through a knowledge-rich curriculum.
  • We have our own Behaviour Curriculum as we believe children need to be taught and not told how to behave. Our Behaviour Curriculum supports children to leave our school having acquired our Magnificent Seven Character Habits.
  • We have our own Character Curriculum. We believe children should be taught about character, have opportunities and experiences to develop character, and be supported to be the best versions of themselves.
  • Dedicated staff in the Tyndale Family committed to provide the very best education.
  • We have disruption-free classrooms
  • Breakfast Club offer and a bagel for every child each morning
  • A love of reading with opportunities to read across the curriculum
  • Targeted interventions for children who require additional support
  • Preferential admission for Yate Academy Secondary School
  • An extensive after-school sport extra-curricular programme (free of charge)
  • All children learn a range of instruments in KS2 (free of charge)
  • A newly refurbished, welcoming and nurturing building and playgrounds
  • Excellent behaviour is rewarded
  • Public praise for children who go ‘above and beyond’
  • Regular homework (self-quizzing, spelling and reading)
  • Strong pastoral support in 'The Hub' and the 'Child and Family Team'
  • A residential trip offered for all year groups in Years 3, 4, 5, and 6
  • An extensive range of Educational Visits for all year groups, visitors and opportunities for children
  • Excellent facilities and extensive grounds
  • Limitless aspirations for all irrespective of SEND, prior attainment and background

If you haven't visited Tyndale for a while, if you want to meet the new leadership team or if you just want to see the improved changes for yourself, please come and see us!

We don't need to hold an Open Day to show off..... Tyndale is the show!

Book an appointment by messaging us on any of our social media platforms or by emailing or calling: 01454 867 180