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Tyndale Primary School

Welcome from the Headteacher

All staff at Tyndale Primary are committed to giving every child that attends the school the best chance of success irrespective of background, prior attainment or SEND.  

To allow for this to happen, classrooms at Tyndale Primary will be entirely disruption free, allowing teachers their right to teach and pupils their right to learn

At Tyndale, we understand the importance of first impressions. We take pride in our appearance with our smart uniform and take meticulous care of our newly refurbished ‘low arousal’ surroundings and stunning grounds.

Alongside our unapologetic high standards, we also have a key role in ensuring our pupils happy and safe at school. Our vision does not come at the cost of our children’s wellbeing. All staff are aware of the importance of promoting pupil welfare, and we maintain a department of non-teaching staff to support pupils with mental health and wellbeing

Our unique and inspiring reading programme gives our pupils the opportunity to read classic literature every day.  Pupils across all year groups are exposed daily to a variety of rich texts that will further promote their literacy skills through a love of reading. Within the timetabled day, there are more than 75 minutes of deliberate teaching of reading. By the end of year 6, our pupils will have read an extensive number of books with challenging themes and vocabulary.

We believe that knowledge is power. At Tyndale, we teach a knowledge-rich curriculum, which is a unique approach in Primary. Our pupils are taught meaningful content that builds on their prior knowledge. Our lessons draw upon research-based cognitive science and there are carefully planned opportunities to recall and revisit vital prior knowledge, to strengthen retrieval from lesson to lesson, unit to unit and year to year. The knowledge-based approach encourages children to infer, question, interpret, analyse, argue and reason

We believe that happiness comes from feeling engaged with others and knowing that you are making a positive contribution. Learning may develop the brain, but character develops the heart. Within the last year, more than 500 character badges have been awarded to Tyndale pupils who are committed to making a positive change in society or developing their ‘whole self’ in extra-curricular activities. 

Tyndale pupils aren’t only encouraged to succeed academically. We open our pupils up to as many wider opportunities as we can. We recruit school improvement roles such as Head Boy, Head Girl and school council representatives. Pupils are exposed to enrichment activities such as choir, cultural studies and sport. We offer a Year 5 and 6 Residential team-building trip and we seed future career aspirations by inviting inspiring guest speakers into school weekly.

My vision is that Tyndale Primary School becomes a truly successful and inspirational school for pupils, parents, staff and the local community. I am passionate about giving pupils the best chance of success, not just so that they have a successful future, but also so that pupils leave us with a strong moral compass, knowing the difference between right and wrong, with a developed understanding of different cultures, beliefs, and views, as well as striving to be the best they can be enabled by our character education programme. 

Our doors are always open to visitors, so please feel free to get in touch to book a school tour.

I very much look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Tyndale.

Katie Parkhouse