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Tyndale Primary School

behaviour & expectations

Our behaviour system supports our belief that all teachers have the right to teach and all children have the right to learn. Tyndale Primary has high expectations of behaviour, if these expectations are not met then children are given an opportunity to reflect on this behaviour in order to prevent future occurrences. Tyndale celebrates exceptional behaviour by offering regular rewards for those who go 'Above and Beyond'. 

We believe that every day counts in a child’s education therefore, our expectation is for all pupils to be in school all day every day with a minimum attendance of 96%. High levels of attendance and improved attendance are rewarded regularly.

“No child has the right to disrupt the learning of others. Teachers will have disruption free classrooms in which they can teach and children will have disruption free classrooms in which they can learn.”

“No child has the right to disrupt the playtime of others. Children and Staff will have disruption free playtimes in which they feel safe.”

Three Simple Rules

  1. We line up quietly after play time and lunch time. When we walk around school, we put our hands by our sides.
  2. We wear our uniform correctly.
  3. We always use kind words and we follow instructions given by all adults.

The GLT and Tyndale Primary School believe that high standards of behaviour lie at the heart of a successful school that enables:

  • All its children to make the best possible progress in all aspects of their school life and work.
  • All staff to be able to teach and promote good learning without undue disruption or harassment.

We believe that all children and staff have the right to feel safe at all times in school. There should be mutual respect between staff and children and between each other.

Subsequently, all visitors to the school should feel safe and free from the effects of poor behaviour at all times and in all parts of the school. 

The GLT and Tyndale Primary promote inclusive schools. All members of each school community should be free from discrimination of any sort. We have a clear, comprehensive, age-appropriate Anti-Bullying Strategy that is known and understood by all, consistently applied, monitored and where appropriate, incidents recorded. 

Our legal duties (under the Equality Act 2010) are in respect of: safeguarding, children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and all vulnerable pupils. These are detailed in the Safeguarding Policy and made known to all staff. Measures to protect children from bullying and discrimination as a result of gender, race, ability, sexual orientation or background are also detailed in the Safeguarding Policy and regularly monitored for their effective implementation.

Parents/Carers are encouraged and helped to support their children’s education, just as the children are helped to understand their responsibilities during their time at school, in the local community and in preparation for their life at secondary school.

At Tyndale Primary, our Behaviour and Rewards Policy sets the boundaries for a system that:

  • rewards and reinforces the right behaviours;
  • delivers consistent consequences for the wrong behaviour;
  • outlines a procedure where the roles and responsibilities are clear and staff take responsibility for pupils’ learning;
  • seeks to ensure that all children are treated equally and fairly in the implementation of rewards and sanctions;
  • enables staff to teach effectively by removing disturbances to learning and promoting respect and positive attitudes to learning;
  • supports and promotes the Anti-Bullying strategy, E-Safety policy, the Equalities Policy and Special Educational Needs Policy.