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Welcome to our Nurture Groups

Two of our Swans have enjoyed coming back to the nurture room to share their classroom learning. We are very proud of their hard work.

Two of our Swans have enjoyed coming back to the nurture room to share their classroom learning.  We are very proud of their hard work. 1
Two of our Swans have enjoyed coming back to the nurture room to share their classroom learning.  We are very proud of their hard work. 2

KS2 Flower Seed Planting photos taken by the children

KS1 Swans The children have enjoyed being detectives looking for features of non-fiction text. 

KS1 Swans  The children have enjoyed being detectives looking for features of non-fiction text.  1
KS1 Swans  The children have enjoyed being detectives looking for features of non-fiction text.  2


This term we are talking about friendships.  We are exploring what qualities make a good friend.  The children 'cooked up' a recipe for a good friend and decided the essential ingredients were: caring, sympathetic, patient, helpful, to be their self, kind, have a sense of humour, respect, trust, use kind words, don't tell you to do something bad and don't laugh at your mistakes.  The children then went on to prioritise friendship traits ranking the traits from the most to the least important.  For this activity the children had to listen to each other as each trait was discussed, evaluated then ranked.  We are proud to say that the children listened to each other and everyone was given time to express their views.

12.04.18 & 19.04.18

KS2 Doves Prioritising Friendship Traits


This term we are sharing the text The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda & David Armitage.  The children have been able to use some of the Makaton actions they have used in our previous narratives to help them to learn this new story.  The children have had daily story telling sessions and have role played the story taking on different roles.  They have created their own story maps and puppets which they later used to retell the story in the small world play.

w/c 9.04.18 & 16.04.18

KS1 Swans Role Playing The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

KS2 Doves

The children really enjoyed our STEM Challenge this week.  They had to work as part of a team to make the tallest tower using midget gems and cocktail sticks in only 20 minutes.  Pretty soon the children realised that they would have to rethink their designs as their towers started to collapse.  Some children added supports to the outside of their towers and extra cocktail sticks between midget gems to add strength.  This provided little success as the towers still collapsed.  After a short break to discuss which shape was the strongest there was an agreement that pyramids  were the strongest.  The teams then worked hard in the last 5 minutes to incorporate pyramids into their designs.  Everyone had lots of ideas about what they would do differently if presented with the challenge again.


KS1 Swans

The children have worked very hard this week.  They have worked together to make a fruit salad which they enjoyed eating! We are very proud that all the children were able to work independently to sequence images and write instructions.  


KS2 Doves Lego Club

We are very proud of our KS2 Doves who are now able to work independently together in groups of three to complete more complex 3-in-1 Lego models.  In Lego Club there are three roles engineer, builder and supplier. The children rotate between the different roles.  You are only allowed to do your own job, only the engineer can look at the visual instructions and the engineer can only use words to explain.  At times it can be frustrating to think of an appropriate description for an unusual shaped Lego brick or to explain how to position a brick for others to follow.  It can be hard to admit that a mistake has been made and then to go on and explain how to rectify it.  The children have a real sense of achievement when they have worked together to complete a model.


Lego Club

Picture 1

Teachers and parents have enjoyed visiting the nurture room this term.

KS1 Swans

The children have been working really hard to learn the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea.  They have been retelling the story with Makaton actions and have enjoyed role playing different characters.   The children have worked independently to sequence images from the story, make their own story maps and write their own version of the story. 


A tiger has arrived in the nurture room! KS1 Swans are starting work on Judith Kerr's book The Tiger Who Came To Tea 19.2.18

A tiger has arrived in the nurture room! KS1 Swans are starting work on Judith Kerr's book The Tiger Who Came To Tea 19.2.18 1

KS2 Doves

This term our focus is on learning to lose and winning with grace.  We have started this week by playing Twister and Wobbly Chef. We will also be continuing our work in Lego Club.  


KS1 Swans

This term we are sharing the book 'Lost & Found' by Oliver Jeffers.  The children have been busy learning the words and Makaton signs to the story.  Later in the week they enjoyed role playing different characters and worked independently to sequence images from the story.



Picture 1

Nurture graduates, teachers and parents visiting the nurture room.

The Christmas decorations have arrived! Many thanks to the nurture children at Prince Edward Primary School, Sheffield.

We have posted our Christmas decorations to the nurture room at Prince Edward Primary School in Sheffield.

KS2 Doves

As part of our theme 'Working together' we set the children a challenge to work in pairs to make salt dough. The children had to collect all the things they would need, read instructions, assign roles, share equipment and ingredients. 

We were very impressed with how well the children worked together in pairs.  At the start of the activity the children took it in turns to read instructions or add ingredients.  Then they took turns to add water and mix the dough.  They also learnt from each other, one child added too much water so the other children added water very slowly mixing the dough in between each addition.  All the children stayed on task throughout the activity and one pair of children volunteered to make more dough for children who were joining their class for PE. 

The following afternoon the children were all excited to return to their salt dough, rolling it out and cutting out Christmas shapes.


KS1 Swans

We were lucky enough to receive a visit from Mrs Bear this week.  The children really enjoyed her visit and asked her lots of questions about Baby Bear.  Such as: Where is Baby Bear now? How old is Baby Bear? When was his birthday?  Is he allowed to eat sweets?  Who takes him to school?  What time does Baby Bear go to bed?  What is Baby Bear's favourite colour?   

All this new information will really help the children to write a fact page about Baby Bear next week.

The children spent time at the end of the week writing thank you letters which we will be posting to Mrs Bear at the beginning of next week.


KS2 Doves

As part of our work this week on anti-bullying the children worked together in pairs to make friendship bracelets.  The bracelets were taken back to their classes and exchanged with their friends.

This year we are taking part in The Nurture Group Network Christmas Decoration Exchange.  We have been paired with a nurture group in Sheffield and will be making decorations for their nurture room.  To ensure we post our decorations in time for our friends in Sheffield to enjoy we have started working on them already.  

We were lucky enough to celebrate a birthday in the nurture room this week.  Everyone agreed the fairy cakes tasted good!


Share with your children what they learnt in assembly from our special railway visitors. Will they remember the correct answers in the quiz?!

KS1 Swans

Now that the children know the story of Whatever Next! they have started writing their own versions of the story.  They have referred to their own story maps to help them and some of the children have been able to use topic word mats to find and write unknown words.  


KS1 Swans

This week the children have enjoyed working together to carve pumpkins.  They used special carving tools which required a high degree of concentration and care.  They were very proud of the finished pumpkins and enjoyed taking them back to class to share.

Our theme this term is space and we are sharing the book 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy.  We are beginning to learn the story with actions and Makaton signs so that the children will be able to retell it all by themselves.  We have had fun role playing the story and the children have had the opportunity to play the parts of Baby Bear, Mrs Bear and the owl.


KS2 Doves

The children have enjoyed working together to make chocolate krispies for our drop in session for parents and carers this week.  They had to work together to share equipment and wait to take their turn.

Thank you to all those who were able to come to our drop in session, it was lovely to see you all.  The children enjoyed sharing their learning with you and were very excited to be able to finally eat the chocolate krispies and share them with their families.


KS1 Swans

We have had a very busy last two weeks of the term.  The children wrote shopping lists and walked to Morrisons in Yate to buy the ingredients to make gingerbread men.

They worked together to weigh and measure the ingredients and to mix the dough.  We were proud that they were able to wait for their turn.  Then then worked independently to roll, cut out and later decorate their gingerbread men.  We made lots of gingerbread men so that the children could share them with their class mates.

During the last week of term the children ordered pictures and wrote instructions for making gingerbread men.  We were pleased that they were able to find the things they needed in order to start working.

9/10/17 & 16/10/17

Shopping For Ingredients

KS1 Swans

The children's challenge this week was to independently make a set of stick puppets following visual instructions.  All the children achieved this over two or three sessions.  It was lovely to see the children wanting to return to this activity and to keep going until they had finished.

The children have been retelling the story of The Gingerbread Man using their puppets.  Mrs Betts has been kept very busy scribing all their stories. 

Some of the children have been busy all week writing their own version of the story.  Other children have been thinking about how they would catch a Gingerbread Man.  


KS2 Doves  

This week we have been concentrating on listening and following instructions.  All the children are now fully taking part in our mindfulness sessions and are trying hard to lie still, listen and follow a muscle tensing and relaxing routine. Some of the children say that they have been practising at home and it is helping them to sleep at night.

We really enjoyed celebrating Miss Woodward's birthday which, of course, meant eating cake!

We shared another sunny afternoon in the garden where everyone worked hard.  The children worked together to remove deep thistle roots, more stones and share tools. Afterwards they were tired out! 



KS1 Swans

We have had a fun week role playing the story of The Gingerbread Man.  The children enjoyed playing different roles and wearing costumes, some of which they had made themselves. Later in the week we spent a sunny morning in our vegetable plot harvesting some beetroot.  Mrs Ramsay, our school cook, is going to steam the beetroot for the children to try next week. 

KS2 Doves

Our Key Stage 2 Doves have settled in well and are beginning to anticipate the routines of our afternoons. The children have enjoyed sharing their family photos with each other and we are looking forward to sharing some more next week.  We have started our Lego Club with the children taking it in turns to play the role of an engineer, supplier or builder.  The group are very good at helping especially at snack time and we have lots of volunteers to wash and dry up every afternoon.  We spent our first afternoon in the garden this Thursday getting a plot ready to grow vegetables.  The children worked really hard digging, weeding and removing large stones from the plot.


Welcome Back!

We have had a lovely week welcoming back the KS1 Swans to our lovely new nurture room.  The children have enjoyed spotting all the changes and we have enjoyed hearing about how they spent their holidays.  We have started to learn the story of The Gingerbread Man and the children are beginning to recall the sequence and Makaton signs.  On Thursday morning we went out to our school garden and spent the morning weeding and tidying our vegetable patch.  The children worked very hard digging, weeding and carrying weeds to the compost heap.  Miss Woodward showed the children how to clean off the spades.  All  the children took turns and worked hard to scrape off mud using a trowel.


Fantastic news!

From September 2017 we will be having two nurture groups at Tyndale. Key Stage One will be the 'SWANS'. Key Stage Two will be 'DOVES.'It is really exciting as it now means we can continue to support our children as they move through the school.  

Thank you to everyone who came to our drop-in session it was lovely to see you.  We hope you enjoyed sharing the children's learning and looking round our new room.  Hope you all have a great summer break and we will be looking forward to seeing you in September.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Please come to our 'Drop-in' session after school on Tuesday 18th July until 4pm.  You will be able to have a look around our new nurture room and share your child's learning.  We are looking forward to seeing you.  Refreshments will be available and siblings are welcome.  We hope to see you there. smiley



We have celebrated another birthday in The Cubby this week.  We all enjoyed the cake and party games!

The children we're absolutely amazed to find a carrot, an onion or a beetroot at the end of a bunch of leaves when pulling up vegetables in our school garden.  Of course, we all had to work together to pull them up.  The children remembered what to do from their story telling of The Enormous Turnip.  They were so proud of their produce and wanted to show the other classes what they had grown.  Mrs Ramsay was pleased to receive our vegetables and will be putting them in the children's salad bowls on Friday.


The children have had a great time this week visiting the 'Beach' sandpit at Yate Shopping Centre.  They enjoyed taking their shoes and socks off and feeling the sand between their toes.  There were lots of games of burying and uncovering treasure.  The children enjoyed working together to bury each other's feet and hands.  We were so proud of all the children's outstanding behaviour throughout the trip.


The ice-cream parlour has been very popular  in The Cubby this week.  The children have made and named lots of different 'ice-creams' our favourite ones were 'rainbow tasty' and 'drippy one'.  The children had to wait their turn to use the different tools and food colourings.


It was lovely to start the week with another birthday to celebrate and of course eat cake!

Some of the children joined their classes for their trip to Cattle Country so the remaining children were able to invite special friends to The Cubby for the morning.  

Our sunflower plants have now grown so big the children decided it was time to plant them outside in the school garden but not before we measured how tall they had grown.  The children worked together to dig holes by sharing tools and waiting for their turn to plant.  


Our theme this term is 'The Seaside'.  The children have enjoyed creating their own seascapes.  They found taking a mono print of their images a truly magical experience.  There were lots of wows and gasps when they got to see their final image.  We have seen lots of different sandcastles this week and the children have concentrated and worked very careful to add shell decorations.  Some children have worked together to create a sandcastle.  We've had a birthday to celebrate this week and we all enjoyed the cake!  We even braved the weather and went out to the garden to check on our vegetables and do some weeding.  The children were thrilled that the beetroot seeds have started to grow.


The children were thrilled to see how much their vegetables had grown in the school garden.  They were very busy weeding, watering and collecting sticks to support the pea plants.  The weather was lovely.  We planted some beetroot seeds kindly sent to us as part of a 'grow and sell' pack from Waitrose.  There are lots more seeds in the pack and we hope to have time to plant some more seeds.  Thank you Waitrose!


It has been a very exciting week in The Cubby as the sunflowers have started to grow!  The children are enjoying caring for their plants.  They have started work on their sunflower diaries and we have been very proud of their independent use of topic word mats.

We have also been out to the garden and have worked together to weed and water our vegetable plot.  We have planted pea seeds and will be going on a hunt around the school grounds looking for long sticks to support their growth.    10/5/17

The children have been busy this week planting sunflower seeds.  They decided to put them on the window sill where it is sunny so that they can watch them grow.  We have been out to the school garden and have found that the carrot and spring onion seeds have started to grow!  We needed to do a bit of weeding and a lot of watering.  The children enjoyed working together to make a scarecrow for the garden.   4/5/17
The children have really enjoyed being outside in the garden digging and planting seeds.  So far we have planted spring onion and carrot seeds.  The children can't wait for the seeds to start growing.

Thank you for coming to our open morning the children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you. We hope you enjoyed the children's performance of The Enormous Turnip.


The children are so pleased with their fully grown Mr Grass Heads!

Growing Mr Grass Heads - What a difference a few days make!

Growing Mr Grass Heads


The children worked with Miss Woodward to make their own Mr Grass Head.  They can't wait to see what will happen next!

World Book Day


Picture 1


Our theme this term is 'Growing'.  So, we have started the new term off with storytelling of The Enormous Turnip.  The children are really enjoying learning the story language and Makaton signs.  They have all enjoyed dressing up and acting out the story and thought it was fun when Mrs Betts played the part of the big dog and the old man.


Rescuing Play Figures Frozen In Ice


The children had lots of ideas about how to save the frozen figures: using a dragon's fire; flying them on a dragon to the sun to melt them; hitting them hard with a hammer so the ice would crack; stamping and jumping on the frozen figures; stamping on them with high heels; sawing through the ice; putting the frozen figures near the window where the sun would melt the ice; pouring a bucket of hot water over them.  The children had lots of fun saving the figures unfortunately we couldn't find a dragon that was available to help!

Weather Station

This term we have set up a weather station in the Key Stage 2 fenced garden.  The children decided that this would be a good place as nobody walks through it and it is far away from the playgrounds so the rain gauge wouldn't be disturbed.  They also thought it would be safe from the large tractors that come in to school to cut the grass.  We have taken weekly temperature and rainfall readings.  The children have also enjoyed using a homemade windsock to check if there is a wind blowing.

Revisting The Building Site


We revisited the building site just outside of our school grounds to see what had changed since our visit in November.  The children noticed lots of changes: the brick walls are taller; steels and wood have arrived on site; there is scaffold around the building and there are plastic cones.

Picture 1

Marshmallow Toasting & Popcorn Making


The children had great fun outside with Dave the play ranger.  The children listened carefully and followed Dave's instructions to safely toast marshmallows over the fire pit.  The children noticed that the marshmallows changed in colour, became bigger and melted inside.  Everyone remembered to blow on the marshmallows ten times before eating them.

The popcorn making was great for illustrating how things changed when they are cooked.  The children laughed to see the popped corn jumping out of the saucepan.


All the children have been very busy this week making their own windsocks.  We were thrilled that so many children were able to work independently on this task.  The children had great fun testing their windsocks outside.



Our topic this term is 'Changes'.  To encourage lots of talking and turn taking all the children and adults have brought in photographs of when they were younger to share.  It has been interesting to see how they have changed.  Later this week the children will be trying to match staff pictures with pictures of the adults as babies.  The children have also been exploring how the colour of paint changes when it is mixed. Some children have recorded their findings as colour mixing sentences while others have used their newly created colours to paint with.


Visit to see Father Christmas at Yate Shopping Centre


The children had a wonderful afternoon visiting Father Christmas in his grotto at Yate Shopping Centre.  We would like to give Tracy King, Marketing Manager, and all the other staff at Yate Shopping Centre a great big thank you for organising this visit for us.

Open Morning


Thank you all very much for supporting our open morning.  The children really enjoyed sharing their learning and completing Christmas crafts with you.


The children have been decorating our Christmas tree and making chocolate rice krispie cakes ready for our open day tomorrow.  

Talking Santa Postbox


The children have been very busy this week writing invitations to our open morning on Friday and writing their letters to Santa Claus.  They were delighted to post their letters in the talking postbox at Yate Shopping Centre.




Still image for this video

Building Site Visit 


All the children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the working building site next to our school this week. Since arriving back to school in September the building site has been of great interest to the children.  Things became really exciting when a large crane arrived on site.  We braved the weather and from a safe area, behind barriers, were able to look at the ground works. We watched as the crane moved a heavy skip from one side of the site to the other.  The builder explained how the crane was operated from the ground by a remote control. The children listened and followed adults' instructions throughout the visit and we were very proud of them.  We have been invited to visit again in the future.  A big thank you to Saltford Construction Limited for accommodating our visit.

Celebrations in The Cubby

The children have had lots of fun this week talking about how they celebrate their birthdays at home.  We have also been following instructions to make party hats and celebrating real birthdays. One of our nurture graduates was lucky enough to make a visit on her birthday which made it extra special.   As well as having two children's birthdays this week it was also Mrs Ritchie's birthday.  She spent her birthday morning in The Cubby and enjoyed sharing circle time, breakfast, a birthday cake and a game of pin the tail on the donkey with the children.  She is very proud of all the children's progress and hard work. 


Post Office Visit

The children really enjoyed walking to Yate Post Office this week to buy stamps and post their postcards.  We were very proud of the children's behaviour whilst at the Post Office and during the walk.  They all remembered how to ask politely for a stamp and thank the Post Office clerk. We were lucky enough to meet a real post lady and the children were able to ask her questions.  

10th November 2016

Locality Walk

This term our topic in the Nurture Room is Where We Live.  The children have enjoyed sharing what they already know about Yate.  They all made suggestions about where Ginger Bear could visit. Ginger Bear is spoilt for choice as she found out there is a cinema, a swimming pool, a common and lots of parks in Yate.  She was even told that in the summer there is big sandpit at Yate Shopping Centre and at Halloween there is a bouncy castle.

The children have enjoyed taking Ginger Bear for a walk along part of the Frome Valley Walkway.  It was a beautiful autumnal day.